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Garrett Mendelow

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“ A great groove, clarity, and awareness of the ensemble,” – Tromp Jury 2012. Garrett Mendelow is an up and coming percussionist from the United States. Though his interest in percussion extends to many different facets of the art, he dedicates much time to contemporary percussion performance practices and new music in both solo and chamber settings. 

Garrett has appeared in national and international venues throughout the United States and Europe, and has also appeared in several music competitions. Most recently, Garrett ventured to the Netherlands for the 2012 Tromp competition and won 2nd Prize and the Youth Jury Prize. He also had the pleasure of premiering a new double percussion concerto by Nico Muhly with world-renown percussionist Colin Currie, and the Britten Sinfonia during the competition.

After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Percussion Performance from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance where he studied with Michael Udow, Joseph Gramley, Ian Ding, Jonathan Ovalle, Brian Jones, and Cary Kocher, he received his Masters Degree at Stony Brook University in New York under the tutelage of Eduardo Leandro. Garrett is currently studying with Peter Prommel at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold in Germany. Garrett would also like to pay special homage to Dan Desena, Eriko Daimo, and Pius Cheung for teaching and inspiring him in his early development and to Michael Udow who still inspires him to strive for innovation and to be heartily committed to the music he performs.

He has also had the privilege of working with many accomplished composers such as Alejandro Vinao, James Wood, Matthew Burtner, and Braxton Blake. Additionally, he has taken part in major music festivals such as the Chosen Vale Percussion Seminar, the Nief Norf Summer Festival, and the Zeltsman Marimba Festival. Garrett would like to thank Douglas Perkins, Andy Bliss, and Nancy Zeltsman for creating such great musical experiences that have helped him develop his sound and meet many fantastic musicians and people. Garrett is a proud endorser of Innovative Percussion.