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Nick Diamond
The Dirt Drifters
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Louisiana's own Nick Diamond is the son of a preacher man and one hell of a drummer. Brought up in the church playing multiple instruments from the age of four, he eventually settled on a stool behind a kick and snare. He played drums in Louisiana throughout his adolescence, from high school band to whole in the wall night clubs and some of America's largest mega churches. Choosing a path of his own he loaded up and headed to Nashville to pursue a professional career playing drums. He began playing drums, keyboards and leading worship at multiple Nashville churches, something he also enjoys and still continues to do when he is not on the road. Three years later, he met the other members of The Dirt Drifters at-where else-church. Bringing his roots and lots of soul, from his southern gospel upbringing, he brings a sound to The Dirt Drifters unlike any other in country music. He currently resides in Nashville with his wife and two children.