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Chosen Vale International Percussion Seminar

Pedro Carneiro
Date(s): 6/30/2015 to 7/11/2015
Location: Enfield Shaker Museum, Enfield, NH 03748, USA
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FIRST, MAJOR APOLOGIES FOR THIS VERY LATE SUBMISSION!!! I only recently realized that Pedro was with IP and I just wanted to drop a line in case you wanted to send any info and/ or giveway items. I made a full request for support but please know that anything at all would be appreciated. We would love to have IP involved and I just wanted to say sorry that I know this is late. Pedro is around from 7/5 - 7/11 and anything coming by the 11th would be wonderful. Thanks so much!!! The Chosen Vale International Percussion Seminar is a place where participants will be exposed to and given the opportunity to work and perform with visionary leaders in the field of percussion in addition to a peerless collection of composers. Percussionists at the Seminar are asked to work outside their own self-defined “comfort zone”, to take new risks, and to accept personal responsibility for their technical and musical growth. Selected participants will perform with faculty members in three formal concerts in the Mary Keene Chapel as well as present solo and ensemble performances throughout the region. 35 students will participate in traditional masterclasses (which focus on repertoire nominated in advance by each participant) are presented alongside chamber music, individual tutorials (presented “Paris Conservatory Style” with others in attendance), improvisation, coachings and discussions with some of the worlds leading composers, and workshops on a wide variety of relevant contemporary and pedagogical topics. Aside from Doug Perkins, who will be present for the entire Seminar, faculty will be on site for one week each. They will each perform daily public lessons, coach and perform chamber music with students, and each present one official masterclass. They will additionally live, dine, and be generally immersed with the participants for their time at Chosen Vale. The faculty has been selected for their roles as leaders in percussion as soloists, orchestral, and chamber musicians.