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Ecuador PAS Days of Percussion

Mark Collins II
Date(s): 3/6/2017 to 3/11/2017
Location: Estudio de PercusiĆ³n , Quito, pichincha 170150, Ecuador
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During the resident I will participate: 3 days of teaching with various ensemble groups Present 1 final concert with students Teaching will include topics: Improvisation: characteristics of good soloists (drum set and percussion ensemble context) How to be motivated to practice and techniques used (this is for local educators and students - developing a holistic growth through music programs) Resources for orchestral percussion (orchestral excerpt incorporation within curriculums, techniques on various instruments to ensure desired sound, and stick/mallet choice. There is no artist fee to lower cost on host. The requested financial support is to offset air fair which the artist has agreed to help pay for. The host is supplying all meals, hotel, ground transportation, and advertising cost - approximately totaling 1,200.00