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New Products for 2018

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New Products from Innovative Percussion!

Innovative Percussion is proud to announce our New Products for 2018. New models include redesigned She-e Wu Concerto Series marimba mallets, Pius Cheung Series on birch handles, John "JR" Robinson Signature drumsticks and brushes, Seth Rausch Signature model drumset sticks, Lenny Castro timbale sticks, and the Nashville drumset model.  

She-e Wu Series - Concerto Models REDESIGNED

The She-e Wu Series features 3 concerto models, and they have been redesigned for improved performance.  Made with plastic cores which create a bright tone quality, the improved concerto models are wrapped with a durable polyester cord and include top and bottom circle stitching, increasing the mallets’ lifespan while providing ultimate clarity in a concerto setting.  The She-e Wu Series Concerto Models are perfect mallets to speak above any ensemble in a concerto setting and are available with either natural birch or rattan handles.

WU4C: Medium Hard - Warm sonority, yet focused sound for general playing - BIRCH
WU4CR: Medium Hard - Warm sonority, yet focused sound for general playing - RATTAN
WU5C: Hard - Multi-tonal characteristics for wider tonal options - BIRCH
WU5CR: Hard - Multi-tonal characteristics for wider tonal options - RATTAN
WU6C: Very Hard - Bright timbre in order to project over an ensemble - BIRCH
WU6CR: Very Hard - Bright timbre in order to project over an ensemble - RATTAN


Initially introduced in 2014, the Pius Cheung Series is now available with unfinished birch handles for those players that prefer the feel of a birch handle.  Just like the original models, the Pius Cheung Series on birch are constructed with rubber cores of varying hardness and wrapped with a unique, alpaca-blend yarn. 

PIUS1B: Soft - Powerful bass mallet for solo playing
PIUS2B: Medium Soft - Bass mallet for ensemble or concerto playing
PIUS3B: Medium - General mid-range mallet for solo playing
PIUS4B: Medium Hard - High-range mallet for solo playing
PIUS5B: Hard - High-range mallet for ensemble or concerto playing
PIUS6B: Very Hard - Allows for the player to cut through an orchestra/ensemble when needed

PIUS-GSB: Graduated Series for general solo playing. Models 1, 3, 3, 4 

JOHN "JR" ROBINSON Signature Products

JR-1: The John "JR" Robinson signature model is a full 17" in length with a diameter of .570".  The oval bead and quick taper assist in creating bold sounds on cymbals & toms.  Designed by legendary drummer John "JR" Robinson, the JR-1 is a well-balanced drumstick that is suitable for a wide variety of musical styles.  
  • White Hickory
  • Length:  17"; Diameter: .570
  • Oval Bead

BR-JR1 Brush: The BR-JR1 is a telescoping (retractable) medium gauge wire brush that is substantially longer than a typical wire brush. Built on a rubber handle, the BR-JR1 also features a felt ball on the butt end which can be used for cymbal swells and a nylon tip at the end of the pull rod which helps provide an additional articulation choice on cymbals.   
  • Medium Wire
  • Length: 14.5"
  • Retractable

BR-JR2 Martini Brush: The BR-JR2 Martini Brush is a non-retractable brush with heavy plastic red filament, producing a darker sound on drums and cymbals. Designed for more articulate brush sounds, it falls in between the volume of a drumstick and the softer quality of a standard wire brush. 
  • Heavy Plastic
  • Length: 16.5"
  • Non-Retractable

SETH RAUSCH Signature Model

The SR-1 was designed by Seth Rausch, the Nashville-based drummer currently backing Keith Urban.  The SR-1 is similar to a 3A but slightly larger in diameter and shorter in length.  Additionally, the quick taper and round bead provide a bit more front weight which creates a warm sound at high volumes and helps facilitate the quietest of ghost notes. 
  • White Hickory
  • Length:  16"; Diameter:  .598
  • Round Bead


The LS-LC model timbale stick was designed by legendary percussionist, Lenny Castro. The length is 16" with a diameter of .500". The stick features a 14.5" black lacquer finish for a distinct look.  
  • White Hickory
  • Length: 16" 
  • Diameter: .500


New to the Innovation Series, the BNA-1 Nashville model was designed in conjunction with Brian Fullen, Nashville-based drumset educator and studio drummer.  A model unique to Innovative Percussion, the BNA-1 carries a length of 16.5" with a diameter in the hand at .626" but expanding slightly to .630" at the shoulder creating a powerful sound while maintaining player control.  The barrel shaped bead creates bold yet clear cymbal sounds.      
  • White Hickory
  • Length: 16.5"; Diameter: .626 - .630 
  • Barrel Bead