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Innovative Percussion Inc.
Newsletter - January 2018

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News Spotlight

New Products from Innovative Percussion!

Innovative Percussion is proud to announce our New Products for 2018. New models include redesigned She-e Wu Concerto Series marimba mallets, Pius Cheung Series on birch handles, John "JR" Robinson Signature drumsticks and brushes, Seth Rausch Signature model drumset sticks, Lenny Castro timbale sticks, the Nashville drumset model, and our limited edition IP240-XXV AND IP1-XXV Anniversary models.  
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Innovative Percussion Expands Facility and Operations to Mark 25th Anniversary

2018 will mark the 25th Anniversary for Innovative Percussion, Inc., and the company has marked the occasion with the announcement of an expanded facility and production process. By adding an additional 5,000 square feet, the Nashville-based drumstick and mallet company created much needed additional space for current production, warehousing, and shipping facilities, while accommodating a newly added, state of the art in-house drumstick turning operation that was carefully designed and developed over a several year period. The computerized wood turning lathes are able to simultaneously cut and sand the drumsticks, while the addition of other proprietary manufacturing equipment allows for a much more efficient process. This added production capability highly compliments the computerized weight and pitch sorting technology that Innovative Percussion has used since 2013, which has the tightest pairing tolerances within the industry. This expansion will allow Innovative Percussion to have all drumstick and mallet manufacturing under one roof, giving the company much greater quality control, in turn, producing an even better product for all of their customers.  

L to R: Chris Long (VP, Director of Operations); Erik Johnson (President); George Barrett (CEO)

IP Welcomes Percussion Great Pete Korpela!

Having worked with music's biggest names including Michael McDonald, Danny Elfman, Seth MacFarlane, Robbie Williams, Ben Gibbered from Death Cab For Cutie, Randy Brecker, and many more, Pete Korpela is considered to be one of the world's most versatile players. He joined Josh Groban's band in 2011 and continues to work with him to this day, along with countless session dates, including performing on the soundtrack for the highly acclaimed film, Straight Outta Compton. Recently performing for the incredibly successful Broadway show, Hamilton, Pete was also the percussionist on the 1st national tour of The Lion King and also recently performed on Conan O'Brien with Disturbed, a performance that was Grammy nominated. We're very proud to welcome this fantastic, in-demand artist to our family!  
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Product Spotlight


2018 marks the 25th Anniversary for Innovative Percussion, Inc.  And to help mark that milestone, we are proud to offer two very special products: the 25th Anniversary IP240 and IP-1.  Both limited edition models will be offered throughout 2018 only and while supplies last.


The IP240 is the iconic Innovative Percussion marimba mallet used by countless players worldwide ranging from the young beginner to the seasoned professional.  This mallet is highly versatile; it covers the entire range of the instrument and works for a wide variety of solo and ensemble literature.   

The IP240-XXV, like the original IP240, features a hard rubber core to create a full, rich tone with a warm fundamental and is wrapped with 100% wool yarn.  The anniversary edition features black yarn with the Soloist Series signature teal yarn to complete the stitching.  The IP240XXV is built on a birch handle that is polished with a classic looking walnut stain. 

  • Hard rubber core
  • 100% wool yarn wrap; black with teal stitching
  • Birch handle polished with walnut stain finish


The IP-1 was the first concert snare drumstick offered by Innovative Percussion.   This drumstick serves a wide variety of musical purposes and offers the player a very valuable tool to have in his or her arsenal.

The IP-1-XXV shares the same profile as the IP-1.  However, the anniversary edition is constructed with a dark-stained laminated beech which presents weight and density characteristics that fall in between persimmon and rosewood.  The elongated bead creates a darker sound, while the short taper puts more weight at the front of drumstick which enhances response at lower dynamic levels.  

  • Laminated Beech
  • Elongated Oval Bead; Short Taper
  • Length: 16 9/16"
  • Diameter: .650"



Edited by: Andrew M. Bliss
For: Multiple Percussion Solos
Instrumentation: Bongos, Concert Snare Drum, Concert Tom, Multi Bass Drum. Accessories depending on each solo include: Splash Cymbal, Hi-hat Cymbals, Kick Drum, Crash Cymbal, Wood Block, 2 China Cymbals, Jam Block, Baking Timer

""Multitudes is a collection of brief multiple percussion solos, written by many different composers, designed to bridge a technical gap for performers who have command of standard percussion instruments (snare, mallets, and timpani) but are not ready to delve into advanced solo multiple percussion repertoire.

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