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Innovative Percussion Inc.
Newsletter - March 2018

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News Spotlight

IP Welcomes Percussionist Edwin Sanz!

Born in Venezuela, now residing in Switzerland, Sanz is currently the percussionist for Rock icon Steve Winwood. Edwin has also worked with Rodrigo y Gabriela, Jason Rebello, Mike Lindup, and many others. His second solo album Overlow won the UK Lukas award as Best Latin Production Of The Year. We're proud to welcome this versatile and exciting artist!  
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TORQ Percussion Seminar

Don't miss the 7th Annual TorQ Percussion Seminar held July 28th - August 5th. This event provides an opportunity for college-level percussionists to come together for an intense but rewarding week of rehearsals, discussions, masterclasses, creation, and performance under the direction of the TorQ Percussion Quartet's Richard Burrows, Adam Campbell, Jamie Drake, and Daniel Morphy. Operated in association with Stratford Summer Music in beautiful Stratford, Ontario, Canada, TPS2018 will culminate with a series of public performances as part of the festival. The registration deadline is May 1st. For more information, click here.  

Liam Teague Receives Highest Honor!

Congratulations to IP artist Liam Teague who has been named a Northern Illinois University Presidential Research, Artistry, and Scholarship Professor. This is one of the highest honors that the university bestows on faculty.  In awarding him this professorship, the university and the selection committee recognize Liam's artistic achievements, his unique and multi-faceted career path, and his deep impact on steelpan nationally and internationally.

Product Spotlight


2018 marks the 25th Anniversary for Innovative Percussion, Inc.  And to help mark that milestone, we are proud to offer two very special products: the 25th Anniversary IP240 and IP-1.  Both limited edition models will be offered throughout 2018 only and while supplies last.


The IP240 is the iconic Innovative Percussion marimba mallet used by countless players worldwide ranging from the young beginner to the seasoned professional.  This mallet is highly versatile; it covers the entire range of the instrument and works for a wide variety of solo and ensemble literature.   

The IP240-XXV, like the original IP240, features a hard rubber core to create a full, rich tone with a warm fundamental and is wrapped with 100% wool yarn.  The anniversary edition features black yarn with the Soloist Series signature teal yarn to complete the stitching.  The IP240-XXV is built on a birch handle that is polished with a classic looking walnut stain. 

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The IP-1 was the first concert snare drumstick offered by Innovative Percussion.   This drumstick serves a wide variety of musical purposes and offers the player a very valuable tool to have in his or her arsenal.

The IP-1-XXV shares the same profile as the IP-1.  However, the anniversary edition is constructed with a dark-stained laminated beech which presents weight and density characteristics that fall in between persimmon and rosewood.  The elongated bead creates a darker sound, while the short taper puts more weight at the front of drumstick which enhances response at lower dynamic levels.  

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Our Educational Percussion Kits are sold exclusively through our partner St. Louis Music and are offered as three different educational configurations:  Bell Kit, Snare Kit, and Combo Kit.  All are ideal for the "back to school" season!

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Composer: Clif Walker
For: Percussion Ensemble

Program Notes:
Like A Giant Refreshed loosely depicts the approaching footsteps of a waking giant and his or her eventual exit into a fog. Some of the phrases and ideas appeared in earlier unpublished works/indoor drumline shows, but finally came together as complete idea here. 

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