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New Products for 2013

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Drumset Models

SE-1 - Sheila E. Signature Model

The Sheila E. model is constructed of white hickory and features a medium taper with a modified acorn bead.
White Hickory; Length: 16 1/4"; Diameter: .530"


Sheila E.Sheila E. - Music Icon Sheila E. is one of the world's most dynamic, exciting, and talented artists.  Before age 19, Sheila had already performed and/or recorded with George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham and soon after, toured with Marvin Gaye (his final world tour), Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Gloria Estefan, Babyface, Patti LaBelle and Stevie Nicks.  It was Sheila's work with Prince in the 1980s that helped her become a household name, with hits like "The Glamorous Life", and "Love Bizarre".  Currently, the release of The E Family's first collaborative CD, "Now & Forever", features Sheila with her father Pete, along with her brothers Juan and Peter Michael Escovedo.  House".  Along with her demanding music career, Sheila E. maintains a heavy involvement in charitable organizations, as co-founder & chair of the Elevate Hope Foundation.

CW-1 - Chad Wackerman Signature Model

The Chad Wackerman model is constructed of heartwood hickory and features a quick taper with a small collar and an elongated barrel bead.
Heartwood Hickory; Length: 16"; Diameter: .605"


Chad WackermanChad Wackerman - Throughout his remarkable career, Chad Wackerman has worked with some of music's most highly regarded artists and influenced drummers across all genres.  During his seven-year association with Frank Zappa, Wackerman toured worldwide and appeared on 26 studio and live albums.  His long association is with guitar legend Allan Holdsworth spans decades and has appeared on over 6 albums.  Wackerman has recorded albums and toured with an eclectic list of artists including Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, Steve Vai, Andy Summers, Men At Work, Albert Lee, Colin Hay, Dweezil Zappa, Alan Pasqua, Carl Verheyen, David Garfield, John Patitucci, Joe Sample, Banned From Utopia, Robbie Krieger, and The World Drummer's Ensemble (featuring Bill Bruford, Luis Conte, Dou Dou Ndiaye Rose and Wackerman).

JW-1 – Joey Waronker Signature Model

The Joey Waronker model features a quick taper with an elongated bead. 

Hickory; Length: 16 1/8”; Diameter: .540”


Joey WaronkerJoey Waronker - Over his 25-year career, Joey Waronker has played with some of the most influential artists of our time.  Some of the most notable acts include Beck, Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, REM, The Smashing Pumpkins, Norah Jones, Elliot Smith, and Air.  Currently, Waronker plays in the band, Ultraista, with co-founder and long-time friend/collaborator Nigel Godrich and vocalist Laura Bettinson.  In 1993, Joey met Beck in Los Angeles. They began working together almost immediately, resulting in an enduring relationship that has seen numerous world tours and albums, including Odelay, Mutations, Sea Change, and The Information.  He can be heard on the following releases of 2012: Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts, Dwight Yoakum’s 3 Pears, Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas, M83’s Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, Tegan and Sara’s Closer.

Legacy Series

The Legacy Series features a traditional teardrop bead on several of our existing drumset models.  The L7A, L5A, L5AL, L5B, L5BL, and L1A are all constructed with the bead that drummers have used for over a century, creating countless hits and legendary live performances that help make up the history….and the Legacy of drumming.  Also within the series are the L3A and L8A, which are built with a barrel tip.

                                                               IP-L7A – Hickory; Length: 16”; Diameter: .535”; Teardrop Bead


                                                              IP-L5A – Hickory; Length: 16”; Diameter: .565”; Teardrop Bead


                                                               IP-L5AL  -  Hickory; Length: 16 ½”; Diameter: .565”; Teardrop Bead


                                                              IP-L3A – Hickory; Length: 16”; Diameter: .585”; Barrel Bead


                                                              IP-L5B – Hickory; Length: 16” Diameter: .595”; Teardrop Bead


                                                              IP-L5BL – Hickory; Length: 16 ½”; Diameter: .595”; Teardrop Bead


                                                               IP-L1A – Hickory; Length: 16 ¾”; Diameter: .590”; Teardrop Bead


                                                              IP-L8A – Hickory; Length: 16”; D: .560”; Small Barrel Bead

DSB-2 - Drumset Stickbag
The DSB-2 Synthetic Leather Stickbag features 6 interior pockets that can accommodate numerous pairs of drumsticks, brushes, Bundlz, and other accessories for the busy gigging drummer.  An inside zip up pocket also safely stores drum keys, small tools, cymbal felts, and other miscellaneous items.  Charts and set lists can be stored in a rear exterior pocket, while the front exterior pocket provides a larger storage space with padding to help protect metronomes, headphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. 


Anders Åstrand
Anders  Åstrand Series - AA25H (Heavy)
The AA25H is a heavier version of the existing AA25 from the Anders Åstrand Series.  the added weight and size provides for a feel similar to the AA15 and AA20 and creates a larger and bolder quality of sound with a much stronger fundamental tone on vibraphone.


Sandi Rennick SeriesSandi Rennick
Sandi Rennick is currently the Front Ensemble Arranger for the 6-time DCI World Champion Santa Clara Vanguard.  This series of mallets is constructed with smaller, uniquely weighted cores which produce a more focused sound and puts more weight in the player's hands.  This allows for the sound to speak very quickly and extremely well with an amplified keyboard section.  The Sandi Rennick Series models are constructed on birch handles with a matte finish and are wrapped with a synthetic yarn durable enough to withstand the environmental conditions of the marching idiom.

                                                               IP4001 - Soft Marimba

                                                              IP4002 - Medium Marimba

                                                               IP4003 - Hard Marimba

                                                                IP4004 - Wrapped Xylophone

IP-KW Kennan Wylie Concert Model
Maple; Length: 16 1/2"; Diameter: .665"; Round Bead & Medium Taper

Kennan WylieKennan Wylie holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Education from the University of North Texas. He was an adjunct professor of percussion at University of Arlington for ten years. Currently he is the Percussion Instructor at Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas. There, he coordinates the marching percussion program along with the concert percussion ensemble, steel band, novelty ensemble, and Brazilian ensemble.  Under his direction over the past nineteen years, the Marcus group has received national acclaim both on and off the field, including ten national championship titles at the PASIC Marching Competition. Marcus was chosen for the PAS "Call for Tapes" in 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2011.

FS-IJ - Ike Jackson Field Series Model
White Hickory; Length: 17"; Diameter: .720';  Round Bead & Medium Taper

Ike Jackson

Ike Jackson is currently the Percussion Caption Head and Arranger for The Academy Drum & Bugle Corps, and is also the Percussion
Director and Arranger for Ayala High School in Chino Hills, CA.  He has been working as a highly prolific/contemporary percussion designer since 1991.  In his twenty-two years as an adjudicator and percussion designer/instructor, he has worked with more than 45 different percussion programs at the high school, college, and drum corps levels.  As an innovative percussion arranger and drill designer, Ike has worked with various percussion ensembles all across the Southwest.  Ike is currently Vice President of the Southern California Percussion Alliance and a founding member of SCPA. He is also a member of the Winter Guard International Percussion Advisory Board and Steering Committee and was recently the President of Pulse Independent World and Open Percussion Ensemble.  Ike has helped his percussion ensembles win 7 WGI World Championship medals, 20 WGI World Championship Finalist placements, 40 Regional Finalist placements, 14 Regional Championship titles, and a Bands of America Grand National Finalist appearance in 2004.  In addition, he was the Corps Director of the 2006 Division 3 World Champion Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps and the founder of Pulse Indoor Percussion Ensemble.  Locally, his ensembles have won 10 SCPA Championship medals and over 60 first place awards. Ike currently lives in Ontario, California with his four children.

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