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Introducing the J. Reid Maxwell MSR Series

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MSR SeriesAfter the booming success of the RM1 Pipe Band Snare Drumstick by IP Signature Artist J. Reid Maxwell, we are proud to introduce his newly completed line, "The MSR Series".

'MSR' is an acronym for March, Strathspey and Reel which are three contrasting Scottish tune types regularly played by pipe bands worldwide. This set of Scottish tunes is considered the golden standard competition format for nearly all pipe bands and soloists of all levels.

IP and Maxwell have taken this traditional set of music and re-imagined it into a set of three contrasting snare drumsticks intended to meet the needs of any Scottish pipe band drummer at any level of play, any age, any performing environment, and any competitive situation. 

PS- RM1 "Max"

The very same model that is now in the hands of thousands of drummers worldwide. This popular stick is now called, the "Max" for its Maximum sound and musical capabilities by our own J. Reid MAXwell.

PS- RM2 "Slim"


Featuring the same length, balance and bead design as the RM1 "Max", the RM2 "Slim" has a decreased diameter that caters to players who prefer just a little less in the hands. This model is also ideal for indoor playing for both drums corps and soloists of all levels as well as student players with smaller hands.

PS- RM3 "Rookie"


The RM3 "Rookie" is the very first pipe band snare drum stick specifically made for younger or beginner players that has the same quality and consistency of a 'professional' stick model. Featuring the same balance and bead design as the RM1 "Max", the RM3 "Rookie" has a decreased diameter and a shortened length to allow younger players the same ease and joy of drumming as adults.