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Matt Halligan
George Mason University
Chris Garay
George Mason University

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WGI 2013
Dayton, OH, US
WGI 2014
Dayton , US
Indoor Drumline Clinic
1/23/2015 to 1/25/2015
David Reeves
Powhatan High School, Powhatan, VA 23139, USA
WGI 2016
Dayton, OH, US
Andrew Bliss Residency @ George Mason University
Andrew Bliss
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA
WGI 2017
Dayton, OH, US
Percussion Clinic/Masterclass
Joseph Gramley
George Mason University School of Music, Fairfax, VA 22030, United States
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She-e Wu Joins Innovative Percussion

Innovative Percussion is pleased to welcome marimba/percussion artist, educator and composer, She-e Wu as a new signature artist. Ms. Wu is Associate Professor of Music and Chair of Performance and Jazz Faculties at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey where she directs the Rutgers Percussion Ensemble and coordinates the Percussion Program. She-e is currently working with Innovative Percussion designers on a series of solo marimba mallets due to be released in 2007. “She-e is an incredibly talented performer and educator”, stated George Barrett, Innovative Percussion CEO. “We are extremely excited to have her as part of the Innovative Percussion family and look forward to developing a unique and innovative series of marimba mallets, to further expand our marimba mallet options.” To learn more about She-e Wu, click here to view her full biography.

New Products for 2023

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NM-1 Nick Mancini Model

Created with the versitile musician in mind, the NM-1 Nick Mancini Model can be used in various musical settings on the vibraphone.
Made with extra-durable rattan handles and a large oval shaped rubber core, the player can easily transfer a great amount of energy into the bar with less effort. 
The mallet is wrapped with a sage green tighly woven multi-ply cord, and stitched with an orange accent yarn. 

Considered a multi-use mallet, the NM1 is perfect for someone looking to explore a wide variety of styles without having to switch mallets to acheive different sounds.


- Extra-durable Rattan Handles
- Tightly woven multi-ply cord
- Orange accent yarn
- Large oval shaped rubber core

Welcome new signature artist Jeff Hamilton to the IPFamily!

JH-1 Jeff Hamilton Model Drumset Stick

The JH-1 Jeff Hamilton Model is great for small to large ensemble settings. The white hickory stick has a short taper that leads down to an arrow head shaped bead. 
The length of the stick is 15 7/8". with a diameter of .500".


- White hickory
- Arrow head shaped bead
- Short taper
- Length: 15 7/8"
- Diameter: .500"

BR-JH Jeff Hamilton Model Brush

The BR-JH Jeff Hamilton Model is a retractable brush made of stiff heavy-gauge wire with a rubber grip. The thicker wire holds a high amount of tensile strength, which provides more 'bounce' around the kit.The BR-JH has a length of 13 3/8", with a diameter of .565".


- Stiff heavy-gauge wire
- Rubber grip
- Length: 13 3/8"
- Diameter: .565"

New Additions to the Sandi Rennick Series

The Sandi Rennick Series new mallets for marimba has a birch handle with a matte finish, and a synthetic core. They are wrapped with a tightly woven multi-ply sage green cord. This cord is made to be able to handle environmental challenges that come along with the marching idiom.


- Synthetic core
- Birch handle
- Matte finish
- Sage green cord

The LS-TS Tony Succar Model Timbale Sticks

When looking for a balanced sound, the LS-TS Tony Succar Model is all that you need for the timbales. The LS-TS is made of hickory with a length of 16", and a diameter of .500". For visual impact, these sticks are dipped in paint creating a teal grip. 


- Teal Grip
- Hickory
- Length: 16"
- Diameter: .500"