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New Products for 2014

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New Products for 2014

Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series – Xylophone Mallets


Christopher LambAfter more than two years of intense development, this exceptional collection of mallets takes clear aim at the unique timbre possibilities that one is able to create on the xylophone.  The Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series xylophone mallets are constructed with individually engineered custom-molded cores with varying weights specific to each model, strategically placed in either the top or center of the mallet head to create optimum feel, balance, and sound.  This series allows the player to experience the colorful, comically clever side of the xylophone’s character, as well as its cutting edge, powerhouse presence required in a concert hall.  Take time to examine the wood on wood collection (made with wooden cores) for an ever expanding point of view.  Given the considerable magnitude of orchestral repertoire, the countless solo materials written for xylophone, along with the varieties of touch needed, these tools will help the player craft his or her desired sound. 

CL-X1:  1-1/16" rubber center-weighted core; dark grey; this medium soft mallet has slightly more presence than a standard rubber mallet


CL-X2:  1" soft synthetic top-weighted core; orange; this medium soft mallet is light, fun, and quick in the hands


CL-X3:  1” hard synthetic top-weighted core; burgundy; this medium hard mallet speaks quickly with a little more jump off the bar


CL-X4:  1" nylon top-weighted core; blue; this mallet has great balance and moderate weight, could go up against any heavier model


CL-X5: 1-1/8" nylon core; purple; this medium weight mallet is versatile, dependable yet still stately


CL-X6:  1-1/8" nylon top-weighted core; graphite; A Classic mallet that every serious percussionist should have...perfect balance with power


The following mallets highlight the unique feel of playing with wood cores directly on a xylophone

CL-X7:  Medium (32 x 20 mm) Wood disk core; a lighter disk shaped wood core with a lively response...light yet focused


CL-X8:  Large (35 x 19 mm) Wood disk core; a sturdy medium weight wood disk with great balance and weight


CL-X9:  Barrel (30 mm) Wood core; a very full chested barrel shaped wood core with a hearty feel that makes a and deep


Pius Cheung

Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets

The Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets features six models with rubber cores of varying hardness.  Constructed on rattan handles, each model is wrapped with a very unique alpaca-blend yarn that allows the player to produce a tone of gold at extreme dynamic ranges from the utmost silky pianissimo to heavy fortissimo with minimal effort.


PIUS1: Soft – Powerful bass mallet for solo playing



PIUS2: Medium Soft – Bass mallet for ensemble or concerto playing


PIUS3: Medium – General mid-range mallet for solo playing


PIUS4: Medium Hard – High-range mallet for solo playing


PIUS5: Hard – High-range mallet for ensemble or concerto playing


PIUS6: Very Hard – Allows the player to cut through an orchestra/ensemble when needed


Casey Cangelosi Series Marimba Mallets

 Casey Cangelosi


Wrapped in an environmentally friendly bamboo-blended cord, the Casey Cangelosi Series Marimba Mallets combines the rich, warm tonal characteristics of yarn with the articulate clarity of cord. These mallets are built on birch dowels with a natural finish and allow for a heavy bass sound without sounding muddy or washy, a delicate touch for lyrical legato passages that speak from the mallet immediately, and a steady timbre throughout the dynamic range.  The two softest mallets are also available with a soft yarn wrap.

CGL1Y:  BLACK - Heavy, producing a thick bass sound that is much less articulate than the CGL1

CGL2Y:  DARK PURPLE - This mallet produces a rich bass sound.  Intended to be used as a fast bass mallet.  Less articulate than the CGL2


CGL1:  BLACK - Heavy, producing a thick, articulate bass sound

CGL2:  DARK PURPLE - This mallet produces a rich bass sound.  Intended to be used as a fast bass mallet

CGL3:  BLUE – Intended for the low to mid register of the marimba.  This mallet begins to dip into the qualities of bass sound for colors of long lyrical legato


CGL4:  WHITE – Intended for mid to high register of the marimba.  This mallet is warm and round with a gentle attack for general playing

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