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Snare Drum / Multi-Percussion Solos and Duets

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Dimension 5

percussion duet
Composer: Joe W. Moore, III
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 2 each - brake drum, splash cymbal, bongos, snare drum, hi and low toms

Program Notes:
Dimension 5 is a multiple percussion duet. The piece is based on the number five and is filled with five bar phrases and groupings of five notes. Concepts from the additive process of Steve Reich’s piece Six Marimbas, along with ideas from Reich’s Piano Phase, and Moore's obsession with the number five came to play in the composition of this piece.

"“Dimension 5” is an exciting new duet for multiple percussion. Much of the composition is based on the number five. This is seen in the use of the meters 5/8 and 5/4, five-note groupings, quintuple rhythms, and the use of accents to create quintuple hemiola patterns within various other meters and rhythms. Moore also uses “additive” rhythmic techniques (beginning with one note, then adding subsequent notes throughout a passage that result in the creation of a longer rhythmic phrase) to develop several of the sections. He cites the music of Steve Reich as inspiration for this approach. The two performers use identical sets of instruments (brake drum, splash cymbal, high and low bongos, snare drum, high tom and low tom). The texture alternates between unison lines, hocketed rhythms and solo-accompaniment passages. The use of identical instruments allows for smooth transitions and a homogenous sound throughout. Since the instruments are common to most percussion studios, this piece would be accessible to many schools and universities.

The most significant challenges in performing this piece involve rhythmic consistency and balance throughout shifting meters and dynamics. Rhythmic elements appear straightforward and would be playable by college undergraduates, making “Dimension 5” an ideal choice for an un-conducted piece on a student recital or percussion ensemble concert." — Jason Baker Percussive Notes, August/September 2009

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