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Field Series - Timpani Mallets

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The Field Series Timpani Mallets are constructed of with solid 5/8” red oak handles with wooden cores, woven felt liners, and synthetic felt covers.  The FS-T5 Ultra Staccato model has a hard felt core for increased articulation.  The result is a timpani mallet durable for the outdoor environment with added weight for a full tone quality and increased projection.

            FS-T1            SOFT, LEGATO

            FS-T2            MEDIUM SOFT, GENERAL

            FS-T3            MEDIUM, GENERAL

            FS-T4            MEDIUM HARD, GENERAL

            FS-T5            HARD FELT BALL, ULTRA STACCATO




  • 5/8" Solid red oak handles
  • Wood cores on the four cartwheel models (FS-T1, FS-T2, FS-T3, FS-T4)
  • Hard felt ball on the Ultra Staccato model (FS-T5)
  • Woven felt liner
  • High quality synthetic felt covers
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