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Snare Drum / Multi-Percussion Solos and Duets

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Gnomes & Other Twilight Creatures

multi-percussion duet
Composer: Dan Moore
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Vibraphone, xylophone, bamboo wind chimes, marimba, 2 low-pitched concert toms, metal slasher

Program Notes:
This is a fantasy piece for two multi-percussionists. It is intended to be a fun and interesting piece for both performers and listener. Each part offers some technical challenges, but over Gnomes is a very player-friendly work. It is quite effective to have a narrator read the introduction to each movement. If a narrator is not used, be sure to print the narrations in the program to set the mood for each movement.

"The program notes inform us that Gnomes and Other Twilight Creatures, written for two multiple percussionists, is a fantasy piece. And, though each part offers some technical challenges, we are assured that it is a very player-friendly work. A narration is provided that can be read as an introduction to each movement. The piece utilizes a small setup: one player using vibes, xylophone and bamboo wind chimes; the other a marimba, two low-pitched concert toms and a metal slasher. (Instructions are given for constructing the latter.) Moore's piece features the mallet instruments. The first movement, Gnomes, is framed as a vibe and marimba duet. The second movement, Gremlins, is a duet between xylophone played by Player I, and toms and marimba performed by Player II, couched primarily in rapid 16th notes. The third movement, Gargoyles, pits vibes and marimba in a dialogue that grows more and more frantic. The concluding movement, Goblins, features xylophone and marimba in the nature of a fast perpetuum mobile. Two competent college percussionists should prove that the piece is, indeed, very player-friendly. And it will come as no surprise if it turns out to be very audience friendly as well." - John R. Raush Percussive Notes, June 1997

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