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Snare Drum / Multi-Percussion Solos and Duets

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multi-percussion duet
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Composer: Tomer Yariv
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 2 sets of the following instrumentation: 22" bass drum, 4 toms (8", 10", 13", 14"), bongos, hi-hat, splash cymbal, cow bell, wood block

Program Notes:
The title Gyro is short for Gyroscope - a navigation device, mounted on a base so that its axis can rotate freely in different directions, while maintaining its orientation.

Like the Gyroscope, many elements of martial arts are built on the same concept, as warriors must have both gyroscopic flexibility and stability, to enable them to move without body limitations. Gyro is based on the same idea - its goal is to combine the physics of the Gyroscope and the physiology of martial arts. Therefore, the piece requires the players to have dynamic stability as a steady axis, and move their upper body in a free manner, through constant awareness of completing each other.

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"This multiple percussion duet is scored for two large, identical setups. The instrumentation includes one 22-inch bass drum, one 14-inch tom-tom, one 13-inch tomtom, one 10-inch tom-tom, one 8-inch tom-tom, bongos, hi-hat, splash cymbal, cowbell, and woodblock. Alternating metrically among 3/4, 2/4, 5/4, and 7/8, this 196-measure composition (about four minutes in performance time) has sections designed to be exactly the same (mirrorimage performances) and sections that alternate in rhythmic complexity between the two performers. This composition will take a large amount of metronomic rehearsal so that the internal pulse is identical between the two performers. “Gyro” is appropriate for a senior level undergraduate duo or a pair of graduate percussionists." - Jim Lambert, Percussive Notes July 2010

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