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Snare Drum / Multi-Percussion Solos and Duets

Hands Down

multiple hand-drum solo
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Composer: Chad Floyd
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: djembe, conga, quinto, and bongos

Program Notes:
Hands Down received its premier performance by Dr. Chad Floyd at the 2010 Kentucky Collegiate Music Educators Fall Conference in Elizabethtown, Kentucky as a demonstration of hand drumming technique.  The piece uses a variation of hand, bush, and bundle stick techniques on djembe, conga, quinto, and bongos.

“Created for a presentation demonstrating hand drum techniques, this three-minute work showcases an advanced performer’s tone production, facility, and hand-to-hand coordination. Utilizing a small world percussion setup, one must be experienced with bass tones, muted tones, open tones, slaps, and heel-toe technique before approaching this work. Exploring other unique timbres, Chad Floyd makes use of both a wire brush and a “bundlz” stick. With the amount of differing techniques, the descriptive engraving helps avoid any confusion.

Loosely using a single motivic idea between sections, this through-composed piece is based around sixteenth note groupings of 2-2-3. Although it is not metrically structured in 7/16, this thematic element serves as a common idea between the sections. While I enjoy the entire piece, my favorite part is the introduction. Clear thematic elements, improvisational ideas, and hemiolas make for an attention-grabbing opening.  

The next few sections revolve around highly syncopated grooves. Using hand coordination similar to that on drumset, the composer continues to incorporate improvisational elements. With the help of a tempo change, the last 20 measures increase the intensity before reaching a sudden end.

I always appreciate recital programs that contain variety in style, mood, and instrumentation. If your next performance is lacking the element of world music, this piece can provide a quick taste of a different flavor the audience will likely enjoy.” - Darin Olson, Percussive Notes March, 2013

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