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Keyboard Mallets Marching

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James Ancona Series
The James Ancona Series is designed specifically for use in both indoor and outdoor marching ensembles. Jim's mallets introduce a new dowel, sealed with a unique finish for improved grip during playing.
Jim Casella Series
These mallets are designed to the specifications of leading marching percussion specialist Jim Casella. This series has been designed to meet the demands of both the indoor and outdoor marching percussion ensemble.
Field Series
This line of mallets is designed with durability, projection, and tone quality in mind. The winning combination of hand crafted quality and field tested design has led this series to the forefront of today's marching ensemble.
Tom Rarick Series
The Tom Rarick Series marimba mallets feature large round cores wrapped with a Light Grey synthetic wool-blend yarn, while the vibraphone mallets have cord-wrapped large mushroom shaped cores.
Sandi Rennick Series
This series of mallets is constructed with smaller, uniquely weighted cores which produce a more focused sound and puts more weight in the player's hands.
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