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Timpani Solos

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Prelude #1

timpani solo
Composer: Christopher Deane
Publisher: Earthshine Publishing distributed by Innovative Percussion
Instrumentation: Timpani set of 4

Program Notes:
Prelude for Solo Timpani was composed in January of 1984 as a musical gift for Carol L Stumpf, principal timpanist of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

"Prelude I is a timpani solo by percusionist/composer Christopher Deane. Written for timpanist Carol L. Stumpf in 1984, this prelude is almost 10 years old. With a concern for a “positive contribution to the serious repertoire for solo timpani,” Deane’s prelude is a companion piece to his popular marimba solo “Etude for a Quiet Hall.” Staying true to the compositional ideas of “Quiet Hall,” Prelude I is an interesting work that is musically challenging. A rhythmic heart beat is the main unifying factor in Prelude I. This pulse occurs in multidimensional ideas are presented around the rhythm. The composer uses a variety of ideas to achieve contrast in both themes and timbre. Different combinations of felt, wood and fingertips are used in conjunction with these themes as they interplay with the main pulse. All of the music is placed in one oversized sheet, and the notation is typical Deane. For those of you not familiar with this composer’s music, Deane uses standard notation, but he chooses to not to work within a meter. Some sections of the music incorporate bar lines and some do not. The procedure corresponds to the phrase structure and reflects the flow of the music. The work uses the four standard timpani and lasts approximately seven minutes. Prelude I is not a pedagogical selection for timpani. It is a serious solo work that would be suitable for senior or graduate recitals. It is a welcome addition to the solo timpani repertoire." - Mark Ford Percussive Notes, April 1994

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