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Timpani Solos

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Tango for Timpani

timpani Solo
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Composer: John Rack
Publisher: Innovative Percussion
Instrumentation: Set of 5 Timpani

Program Notes:
This work for 5 timpani will prove to be enjoyable to audiences and performers alike. The simple yet engaging melody and bass line and accompaniment of the left hand are transformed in four variations through the use of tango-style rhythms and embellishments. The use of consonant harmonic intervals, ranging from octaves to thirds, makes the drums "sing". The timpanist will be challenged by the independent use of the hands both rhythmically and dynamically, and the frequent use of double stops. Pedaling demands are only moderate, all occurring on one drum.

"This theme with four variations maintains a strong tonality of E major throughout its five minutes. In the theme, the left hand establishes the tango ostinato while the right hand provides the simple melodic content. There are also challenging dynamic markings with a few tuning changes all on one timpani. The first variation provides rhythmic interplay between the upper and lower voices while Variation 2 changes the meter from 4/4 to 12/8. Variation 3 challenges the performer with unison and harmonic content. Variation 4 is a rhythmic embellishment of the theme with an abrupt indicated pause just before the final five measures.

This delightful composition would be appropriate for an audition or as material for a junior or senior undergraduate recital." - Jim Lambert Percussive Notes, September 2013

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