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The Apocryphal Still Life

vibraphone solo
Composer: Christopher Deane
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Vibraphone

Program Notes:
The Apocryphal Still Life was written upon the request of the Percussive Arts Society to be performed by contestants for the 1996 Vibraphone Competition to be held at the PASIC Convention '96. The work is dedicated to the virtuoso vibist and good friend, Jon Metzger. In addition to the use of one hand harmonics, a very simple preparation is called for which is to have the lowest "D" and "E" pitches of the instrument raised so that they remain unaffected by the damper system throughout the piece. The piece is composed entirely in cycles consisting of two measures of 6/4 followed by a measure of 4/4 although it is not the desire of the composer to have this fact immediately perceived by the listener.

"The Apocryphal Still Life is a solo for vibraphone dedicated to the virtuoso vibist Jon Metzger. Basically the composition is in an ABA form with the A section being slow (quarter note = 56) and the B section being in double time (8th note = quarter note). The focus of both sections is mainly triplets; however, the triplets of the A section are used as an effect rather than a pulsating rhythm. Many special effects are required to perform this work: one-handed rolls, preparing the D and E (middle range) to sustain freely in spite of the pedaling, one-handed harmonics and dead strokes. All of these effects are clearly explained on a detailed performance notes page. The Apocryphal Still Life is an excellent solo for vibraphone. It was written at the request of the Percussive Arts Society to be performed by contestants for the vibraphone competition held at PASIC '96. Its special effects and idiomatic style would be rewarding for both the performer and the audience at a college-level recital." - John Beck Percussive Notes, October 1997

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