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Founded in 1989, the group includes Pau Ballester, Ángel García and Jesús Salvador "Chapi". In their prolonged professional trajectory, this group has been playing a decisive role in the evolution of music for percussion in Spain, debuting a large part of the work written for percussion and compositions dedicated to the group. Amores Grup de Percussió takes its name from the homonymous work of John Cage, composer who has had a very strong influence on the group and who was honored at the Autumn Festival of Madrid (1991), at which he was present.

Important soloists of international renown such as S. Gualda (France), J. Vicente (Spain), M. Burrit (USA), P.A.Q. (Germany), N. Rosauro (Brazil), Duo Contemporain (Holland), K. Hathway (England), J. Iborra (Spain), E. Sejourne (France), Anders Astrand (Sweden), Carles Santos, Llorenç Barber, Juanjo Guillem, Angel Frette (Argentina), Nebosja Zivkovic (Serbia), Philipe Speisser (France), etc. have collaborated with the group.

Amores Grup de Percussió has performed in a number of cities in Spain, Europe, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Taiwan, South Korea, in the most important festivals of percussion and contemporary music, receiving numerous acclaim from critics in the area. They have made recordings, discography as well as for radio and television, and they were invited to participate in the International Convention of Columbus (1993) and Orlando (1998) organized by the Percussive Arts Society, as well as in the P.A.S. Euromeeting of Paris (2000 and 2009), Sofía (2001) and Seoul Drum Festival (Korea) 2002 and in Les Musiques of Marseilles (2007), Festival of Contemporary Music of Alicante (2007), Festival Sagunt to Scene (2008) among many others.

Since 1994 Amores Grup de Percussió has been a part of the Rector's Council of the P.A.S. – Spain Chapter. Currently, is a resident group of the Valencia Palace of Music, where they perform a cycle of percussion concerts annually.

The group has released entertainment works like TINAJAS together Sazed Ul Alam, COSMOGONÍA with Spanish Brass Luur Metalls and CALLEJÓN SIN SALIDA with SUPREMOS (break dance) with wich they´re in tour this year 2009.

This 2009, they´re celebrating their 20th anniversary. In November they presented at the Club Diario Levante Valencia, the Concert Cycle in 2009: "A glance at the Experimental Music" to celebrate their 20th anniversary, with the support of institutional INAEM (National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music Ministry of Culture, Government of Spain) and the IVM (Valencian Institute of Music). At the Palau de la Música i Congressos de València premiered with the Orchestra of Valencia, the work AMOREXXS concert for percussion and orchestra, composed by Andrés Valero for the occasion. A book commemorating its 20th anniversary will be edited. In June played together with the Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana, under the program Serenates 09, "by I. Stravinsky Les Noces" sponsored by the Valencian Institute of Music. And in November will travel to Indianapolis where they have been invited to perform at PASIC 09, the largest percussion convention and solid worldwide.

Amores Grup de Percussió touches with NP's instruments and INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION.