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Keyboard Mallets Full Catalog

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Soloist Series
Designed with the marimba virtuoso in mind, these mallets are wrapped with 100% wool around a hard rubber core which delivers a brilliant, rich tone with the warmest fundamental possible in all registers of the marimba.
Artisan Series
The Artisan Series is a 14-mallet series, featuring 7 models on cedar and 7 models on rattan. Between each model, there is a consistent change in hardness and in tone. All mallets are wrapped with a high strength synthetic yarn for durability.
Ludwig Albert Series
This line of professional keyboard mallets has been specifically designed for Belgium marimba artist Ludwig Albert III. The eight models feature shafts constructed of superior quality rattan and specially weighted rubber cores of varying sizes and degrees of hardness.
James Ancona Series
The James Ancona Series is designed specifically for use in both indoor and outdoor marching ensembles. Jim's mallets introduce a new dowel, sealed with a unique finish for improved grip during playing.
Thomas Burritt Series
The Thomas Burritt Series marimba mallets feature five models with synthetic cores, built on walnut stained Birch handles, and loosely wrapped with anunique, very soft yarn. Perfectly weighted, all three elements contribute to a superior look and feel, allowing the player to subtly control timb...
Casey Cangelosi Series
Wrapped in an environmentally friendly bamboo-blended cord, the Casey Cangelosi Series marimba mallets combine the rich, warm tonal characteristics of yarn with the articulate clarity of cord. 
Jim Casella Series
These mallets are designed to the specifications of leading marching percussion specialist Jim Casella. This series has been designed to meet the demands of both the indoor and outdoor marching percussion ensemble.
Pius Cheung Series
The Pius Cheung Series marimba mallets features 6 models with rubber cores of varying hardness.
Eriko Daimo Series
The Eriko Daimo Signature Series Marimba Mallets from Innovative Percussion feature eight mallets of varying hardness.
Ensemble Series
These mallets are designed for the indoor ensemble. Various combinations of Latex, yarn and large Rubber cores produce an extremely warm tone. This quality, combined with dynamic versatility and durability, makes these mallets essential for the extensive repertoire of today's demanding percussio...
Field Series
This line of mallets is designed with durability, projection, and tone quality in mind. The winning combination of hand crafted quality and field tested design has led this series to the forefront of today's marching ensemble.
Mark Ford Series
  Mark Ford, renowned educator, performer, and Coordinator of Percussion at the University of North Texas, has assisted with the development of these two lines of solo marimba mallets.
Nick Mancini Model
This mallet was created for a vast array of musical settings, reducing the amount of mallet changes during a piece. The shape of the mallet head allows for a diverse range of colors in the sound. The NM1 was designed by Nick Mancini.
David Friedman Series
The David Friedman Series vibraphone and marimba mallets were designed for internationally acclaimed percussionist, composer, and educator, David Friedman.
Fundamental Series
Manufacured by the leader in high quality keyboard mallets, the Fundamental Series Keyboard Mallets were specifically designed with the beginning percussionist and budget conscious band director in mind.
Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series - Xylophone Mallets
The Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series xylophone mallets are constructed with individually engineered custom-molded cores with varying weights specific to each model.
Wei-Chen Lin Series
The series includes 1 bass mallet and 5 melodic mallets. The legato “Sky Blue” blended yarn creates an incredibly versatile mallet, capable of lush chorales as well as more contemporary articulate passages. Built on Rattan and natural Birch shafts, the rubber cores provide a strong fundamental ...
William Moersch Series
The William Moersch Series marimba mallets are a series  that have been designed for the needs of marimba virtuoso William Moersch. 
Dan Moore Series Marimba/Vibraphone Mallets
This series of marimba/vibraphone mallets was developed for musician, composer, and educator Dr. Dan Moore.
Orchestral Series
This series of 9 orchestral xylophone and glockenspiel mallets has been designed in conjunction with Chris Deviney of the Philadelphia Orchestra with the orchestral player in mind. 
Tom Rarick Series
The Tom Rarick Series marimba mallets feature large round cores wrapped with a Light Grey synthetic wool-blend yarn, while the vibraphone mallets have cord-wrapped large mushroom shaped cores.
Rattan Series - Vibraphone
The Rattan Series has been designed for the contemporary mallet player. All models are built on durable Rattan handles and are hand matched for weight, size, and sound.
Sandi Rennick Series
This series of mallets is constructed with smaller, uniquely weighted cores which produce a more focused sound and puts more weight in the player's hands.
Suspended Cymbal Mallets
Mallets designed to give you the best sound out of your suspended cymbals. 
James Ross Series
This series has been designed for Chicago Symphony Orchestra percussionist James Ross. Nine different models are offered to meet the demands of today's orchestral percussionist.
Jerry Tachoir Model
Designed to the specifications of Jerry Tachoir, professional freelance vibraphonist, the JT23 mallet is designed with the combo vibraphonist in mind, providing a full tone and projection pleasing to even the most selective players.
Ivan Trevino Series
The Ivan Trevino Signature Series is a 5-mallet collection featuring 3 marimba models on walnut-stained birch shafts and 2 vibraphone/marimba models on rattan.
Drew Tucker Model
Inspired by the sound and look of a classic vibraphone mallet, the DT1 is built for today’s modern vibraphone performer. The extended length rattan shaft allows the performer to look and sound like a traditional vibraphone player, while performing with four mallets and a wider array of techniques. T...
She-e Wu Series
The She-e Wu Signature Series Marimba Mallets from Innovative Percussion feature nine mallets of varying hardness, with natural birch handles and a custom blended yarn wrap.
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