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Ivan Trevino Series

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The Ivan Trevino Signature Series is a 5-mallet collection featuring 3 marimba models on walnut-stained birch shafts and 2 vibraphone/marimba models on rattan. The marimba models feature cores of varying sizes tailored to each mallet for distinct sound and balance. The marimba models feature longer shafts for ease of playing wide intervals.  The vibraphone/marimba mallets feature a high-strength synthetic cord for durability and are wound tightly to speak clearly and for increased articulation.



Marimba Models     
• Birch Shafts
• 100% Wool Yarn
• Synthetic Cores
• 16-3/4” Total Length


Vibraphone/Marimba Models
• Rattan Shafts
• Durable Synthetic Cord
• Graduated Rubber Cores
• 15-1/4” Total Length

Ivan Trevino - Bass Marimba Mallet

Ivan Trevino - Medium Dark Marimba Mallet

Ivan Trevino - Medium Bright Marimba Mallet

Ivan Trevino - Medium Dark Vibraphone Mallet

Ivan Trevino - Medium Bright Vibraphone Mallet

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