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Attilio Terlizzi

Clermont-Ferrand Conservatory - France
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Regarded as one of the young talents of his generation internationally renowned composers have dedicated works to him such as “ Concerto Fuoco’’ Concerto n° 2 for marimba and Orchestra by Emmanuel Séjourné, “ Oltre La Linea di Fuoco 4 ’’ concerto for marimba and orchestra by Luigi Morleo ; “Differentes Activités’’ Concert for Multi-Percussions and Orchestra by Jean Luc Rimey-Meille, “Lames et soufflet’’ for marimba and accordeon by Yves Verne and “Narvik” for Marimba and Piano by Tristan Ikor. He has prestigious collaborations with major orchestras among which: Les Forces Majeures, (dir. R. Merlin, solista Edgar Moreau), National Orchestra of Auvergne, (dir. R. Fores Veses, M. Matalon, Arie Van Beek), Orchestre symphonicOrchestra of the Dômes region, Auvergne (dir. Gilles Raynal), Basse-Normandie Orchestra (dir. D. Debart), Contempory Orchestral Ensemble(dir. D. Kawka, M. Matalon, M. Foster), Franco-German Choir of Lyon (dir. A. Pevrier), Festival Philharmonique (dir. D.  Kawka), Orchestra of the Savoieregion (dir. G. Contratto), Orchestre de Mâcon (dir. P. Saint Sulpice), Orchestra of the Petruzzelli Theatre, La Banda of Ruvo di Puglia (dir. P. Minafra), Tommaso Traetta Chamber Orchestra, (dir. V. Clemente), Dolmen Orchestra (dir. N. Pisani), Itria Swing Band (dir. A. Palazzo), Sudcontrocanto Orchestra, Civique Orchestra of Corato, (dir. D. Molinini) Orchestra of the Festival di Trani, (dir. R. Marrone) Orchestra Sinfonica Pugliese, etc.


He has performed on the occasion of major international festivals  such as Jazz à Vienne, Festival Boulez, Jazz à la Villette Paris, Aosta Classica, Festival Berlioz, La Chaise Dieu, Carnavalcade-Paris, Festival Manca, Jazz à Beaune, Jazz à Vaison la Romaine, Jazz à Couches, Talos Festival, Vaulx Jazz, Fort en Jazz, Jazz à Juan, Les Folles Journées de Nantes, Le Péristyle – National Opera of Lyon.


He collaborates with differents artists from the world of classical and jazz music, including : J.L. Ponty, P-J Gaucher, F. Bearzatti, E. Moreau, R. Merlin, G. Mirabassi, D. Malherbe, Y. Chambre, E. Oliveira, W. Sabatier, A. Baeva, J-R. Lombard, L. Viotti, F. Boltro, R. Giuliani, M. Edelin, G. Trovesi, G. Coscia, M. Stanchev, J. Regard, Y. Goloubev, F. Dumont d’Ayot, J. Paxarino, N. Pisani, P. Minafra, V. Guarini, R. Ottaviano, F. Bosso, P. Mazzarano, F. Bertelli, M. Siniscalco, D. Scannapieco, G. Renzi, M. Magnoni, M. Rolli, La Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel, ecc.


He has played solo and in chamber music groups, including : Moter-Duo with T. Molinaro, with Warhol Percussion 4tet, production and direction of the orchestra  “Lyon Symphonietta’’ for the album “Strictly Confidential’’, production and artistic direction  of the album “ Différentes Activités ’’,  production and artistic direction  of the album “ ConCerto Fuoco’’, en Duo avec le pianiste  Jamal Moqadem, with the Percutonic Percussions Ensemble, with a programme of pieces by J. Cage, G. Raynal, P. Metheny, M. Mussorgsky, E. Varese, F. Zappa, M. Ohana, S. Reich, I. Stravinsky. M. Ohana, at New York University and Kingsborough Kommunity College (U.S.A.) with the Bari Percussion Ensemble, with La Banda di Pino Minafra in Parigi(Festival Carnavalcade), with Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic at the Blauen Haus theatre and in the Francfort International theatre (Germany) with the International Marimba Band, with J. Geoffroy, in Duo with J. L Rimey Meille, with the Warhol Percussion Quartet, with the Quartet Les Emeudroïdes, col AntiQuarks Duo, solist with the Ensemble de Basse-Normandie, The BIG NOTE, Frank Zappa Alchimiste with Jean Luc Ponty, 2008 tour, solist au Concerto pour Marimba N° 2 and Wind Orchestra » di Emmanuel Séjourné with the INSA University Orchestra (Lyon,France), soloist drummer and Marimba with « Orkestrâ Percussion », d’après des musiques de F. Zappa, P. Metheny, Yes , King Crimson, Genesis, Gong, solista nel S. Bonniau Trio, solist with the King ProjeKt with P. J.Gaucher, soloist with the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Limonest with the« Concerto per Marimba N° 2 and Wind Orchestra » by Emmanuel Séjourné, soloist of the “Intégrale des Constructions” by John Cage, Sonatas for two pianos and Percussions by B. Bartok, Sagra della Primavera,  version for two pianos and percussions for the Festival International Les Musiques Démesurées, soloist in the Concerto for Marimba/Percussion and Orchestras by L.Morleo and J-L Rimey-Meille with the Symphonic Orchestra of CRR of Clermont-Ferrand, soloist in the Concerto for Marimba N°2 and Wind Orchestra » by Emmanuel Séjourné with the Increscendo, Aoste Orchestra.


He was founder of the "Beat Onto Jazz Festival", Bitonto (Bari, Italy) ; of the Festival « Tapage », Lyon (France) and is currently artistic director of the "Percutonic" Festival, international percussion meetings of the Auvergne region, France. 

He has recorded about twenty records and has collaborated with the labels Sony, Warner/Erato, Musea Records, Vs Records, Wide Sound, Label Equipe, Zerobelow , Vitamin Records, François Dhalmann , Editions Lugdivine , Label Frappe, Atoutzic Records, etc. He works in collaboration with the brands: INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION Mallet, DW Drums, GEWA DRUM, PAISTE Cymbals and BERGERAULT Percussions.