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Cody Leppo
The Johnny Hiland Band, Jacob Underwood (From the Band O'Town), Eric Heatherly, & Erin James
Independent Combo Artist
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Cody Leppo is a Nashville, TN studio, live perform, and producer who currently plays for guitar great Johnny Hiland, Jacob Underwood, Eldon Huff and country artist Erin James. In his down time he plays and produces Austalian singer/songwriter Dan Kerwin, Canadian artist Chasity Dawn and Nashville guitar slinger Joe Wyatt. Cody has played internationally with country/rockabilly artist Eric Heatherly from 2003 to 2006. Cody has toured with 60's artist Ronnie Dove from 1999 to 2003 and played with local hot shots bands in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas before moving to Nashville in late 2003.

Cody has also worked with other various artist such as, Challee Tennison, Cowboy Jack Clement, Mr. PRS (guitars himself), Tonja Rose, Pat Roper, Greg Koch, John Denner, JC Jones, Pat Upton, Freddy Boom-Boom Cannon, Frankie Ford, Ronnie McDowell, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby Vee, Larry Henley, Roy Head and many more. For many of these artists that he has played with live he has also recorded many tracks for them as well. Cody has also been included in videos with Joohnny Hiland (Making of 'Loud and Proud DVD and the 2009 Live in Jamestown, PA DVD), Eric Heatherly (Judging Beauty 2005), Eric Heatherly (Live in France, Crapponne Music Festival DVD 2005) and monay more.

Cody is one of the most in demand up and coming drummers in the Nashville scene today.