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Edwin Sanz

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Edwin Sanz is a hugely versatile musician, having achieved both depth and breadth to his musical spectrum. With an aptitude for a variety of different music styles, he mastered the congas, timbales, bongo, drums, cajon, djembe, and many others including Afro-Venezuelan instruments from his homeland.

A talented and passionate artist, Sanz is a tireless performer and has been fortunate enough to accompany world famous artists such as Rodrigo y Gabriela, Steve Winwood, Jason Rebello and Mike Lindup amongst others.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Edwin Sanz’s inspiration came from by his highly creative family in Barlovento, where Afro-Venezuelan culture thrives. Particularly inspired by his uncle Reinaldo Mijares, a professional dancer and choreographer, Sanz began his career as a folkloric dancer and joined the acclaimed ensemble, Grupo Madera.  It was during this period that he began to study percussion. 

Grupo Madera, established in 1977, presents Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Venezuelan culture through dance, song and music.  Edwin’s twelve years of touring with the group were of primary importance to him as a “school of life” and provided him the experience and the training which would form the basis of his future artistic professional career.

In 2000, Edwin made the decision to completely commit to his career as a percussionist. In order to broaden his experience and develop his artistic career he emigrated to Europe, arriving firstly in Paris where he spent a number of years and then on to Geneva in Switzerland.

During this period, Edwin toured the world as a performer, delivered various education projects and participated in a multitude of album and cinema soundtrack recordings.

In recognition of the incredibly creative environment of his origins, Edwin Sanz pays tribute to his influences and teachers through his own self-titled project, regularly collaborating with the esteemed pianist Alex Wilson – one of the few British musicians to have toured the world through self-produced Latin music. Together they launched the album San Agustin at Glastonbury Festival 2014, which was subsequently voted the best Latin act at the renowned UK festival. Edwin’s second album release, the Overflow won the UK Lukas Award as the best Latin production of the year.