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George Lawrence

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Hailing from Jackson Mississippi, George Lawrence has lived and worked in the major music centers of Los Angeles, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals Alabama, recording and touring around the world with some of the best musicians and major recording artists. He is known for his "deep pocket groove" and his ability to inspire other musicians to play their best. During the nineties he gained a reputation as one of the top sub drummers in Nashville. Able to fill in with national recording artists’ tours on a moment's notice with no rehearsal, George has been working constantly as a "ringer" or "pinch hitter". He subbed a couple of gigs with country rock pioneering band POCO in 1999 which led to his becoming a full member of that band in 2004. Poco released their latest album in 2013. George lives in Nashville where he plays on recording sessions and gigs, teaches private students at his Drum Room facility and at Fork's Drum Closet, and is owner of Not So Modern Drummer magazine that hosts the annual Nashville Drum Show and Snare Drum Olympics. 

A truly versatile jack of all trades and "master of some", he has played funk, R&B, soul music, blues, country, classic rock, pop, big band jazz, be-bop jazz and jazz-rock fusion music. He has spent many years as a recording studio "session cat" and reads standard transcription and Nashville number charts flawlessly. He has played drum set in every imaginable setting including concert arenas, videos, TV, clubs, churches, symphony orchestras, and clinics. A professional sideman, George is available to work anywhere in the world for gigs large and small. "Sometimes people are hesitant to call me because they think I only play for Poco or that I might charge too much to play. I am a working drummer and never have too many opportunities. My only criteria for accepting jobs are great music and great people. 

George is very active in the drumming community both locally and nationally, attending drum festivals and conventions around the country as a performer and clinician. He owns and produces the Nashville Drum Show every Fall. He is one of the administrators for the 800 member Nashville Pro Drummers Facebook Group and faithfully attends the monthly Nashville Drummer's lunch. He has taught thousands of students, many who have gone on to become professional drummers and some who have become famous drummers. Of special note is student Keith Carlock, also from their mutual hometown of Jackson Mississippi, who is now recognized as one of the top drummers in the world working with the likes of Steely Dan, Sting, John Mayer, Toto and James Taylor. Pro and aspiring pro drummers from around the country seek George out for the highest level of instruction on the drum set. 

George owned and operated George's Drum Shop from 1985 through 2010. In 2006 George and Joe Partridge started the Famous Drum Company which manufacturers pro level boutique snare drums and drum sets. In 2008 George bought Not So Modern Drummer magazine from Bill Ludwig III and works as editor, publisher and photographer. 

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