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Global Percussion Network
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During its brief existence the percussion ensemble Global Percussion Network (GPN) has gained great success worldwide. The ensemble captures the audience's interest with dazzling virtuosity and tremendous groove. GPN focus on melodic percussion and pure improvisation, guiding the audience into their musical world. There may not be just one single word describing the music performed by GPN; some say it is jazz as opposed to classical chamber music, others specify it as folkloristic fusion, or the fundamental rhythms of world music combined with the long melodic lines of the Gregorian Chant. All these very different genres apply to the music of GPN.Since the beginning Global Percussion Network has dedicated their skills to perform their own music. The written compositions often include collective improvisations, the GPN trademark, where each member adds the individual voice of his own to create the unique sound so easily recognized as GPN. The ensemble consists of Anders Åstrand, Rolf Landberg, and Daniel Saur, all of them percussionists, composers, and tutors, and Tomas Bohlin, sound engineer. Anders Åstrand receives worldwide recognition as composer and avant-garde vibraphone soloist, and he frequently hols seminars and master classes on improvisation as the tool for a deeper musical understanding.

The GPN musical philosophy embraces the concept of fun and ease. The effortlessness of the performance invites the audience to partake in the concert on equal terms. These accomplished artists give melodic percussion a new dimension, usin the unique skills of sound design to enhance their ultra-modern way of playing.

During 2004 and 2005 Global Percussion Network has performed at festivales and concerts in Argentina, Finland, Mexico, Russia, South-Korea, Sweden, and the US. GPN has twice been invited to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), in 2002 and 2005.