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Hiroshi Machida

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He started marching in his high school and joined the Yokohama Inspires Senior Drum & Bugle Corps. While he played the percussion with them until 1997, he studied percussion arrangement, drill design and program coordinate. Since 1996 he has been teaching the drum line of Yokohama Scouts Junior Drum & Bugle Corps. During 2007-2009 he also instructed the Mercury Wings (Ryouhoku Junior HS), which is one of leading school marching bands.

In addition he arranged the percussion of Marching Band MIZUCHI since 2008 and design their drills as well. He also serves as marching percussion clinician and arranger/designer in Japan. Currently he is a member of board of directors of Kanagawa NPO Marching Band & Baton Twirling Association and an authorized senior percussion instructor of All Japan Marching Band Baton Twirling Association.