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Jason Baczynski

Vincent Neil Emerson & The Red Horse Band
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Originally from Houston, Texas, Jason Baczynski graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Music. He was mentored by the late A.D. Mannion during his university studies and was a member of the 1999 World Champion Cavalier's Percussion Section.

Jason's distinct passion for drumming imbues his every musical action, and motivates his desire to embrace opportunities to be creative with sound and rhythm. With flawless cadence, inventive assertion, and a highly sensitive ear, Jason has the impressive ability to produce exhilarating sounds with deep affect while simultaneously illuminating the voices of his peers.  It clearly vindicates the high degree to which his peers acclaim and esteem him and why Massimo Ricci of "Touching Extremes'" wrote:

"Jason Baczynski's variegated drumming sustains the rhythm and contributes to the visceral feeling of the whole....Baczynski sustains the rhythmic picture all alone, contributing with his own eclectic palette, underlining and stroking with utmost artistic education and gentle perspicacity."

Cadence Jazz Magazine speaks to his rhythmic ingenuity when writing:

"Baczynski is a free spirit on drums, swelling the space with robust action...."

Jason makes his home in Austin, Texas.