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Jiro Yamaguchi

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Jiro Yamaguchi is one of the six founding members of the 3-time Grammy Award winning band Ozomatli. Throughout most of his 22 years with his high energy multi-genre band who is known to seamlessly blend styles such as cumbia, reggae, hip hop, and funk, Jiro was the percussionist. During that part of his career, Jiro specialized in tabla, dumbek, congas, and bongo as well as throwing down shekere, cowbell, vibraslap, and anything else he wanted to make noise with on the tracks of Ozo's 9 albums. Seeing Jiro play percussion live always added to the fun, unique, and eclectic vibe of Ozomatli's powerfully exuberant and crowd pleasing shows.

Jiro transitioned into the role of drummer in 2014 which he took on with the same enthusiasm that has helped Ozomatli change, adapt, and roll with the ever changing scene of the music industry. Of his new role as the drummer of his longtime band, Jiro says, "It was the perfect challenge and perfect timing to take this on!". Jiro who started drumming at 8 years old has found once again that same love he remembered for practicing and improving at his craft. Of his practice time, he still drums daily and takes lessons often. "I love drumming. It's a passion and a metaphor for life itself.... what I love and what I focus on grows and flourishes." Jiro's other passions include eating good food, cooking, studying Japanese, and loving his beautiful life in Los Angeles with his lovely wife and daughter.

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Jiro also plays DW drums, Meinl cymbals and percussion, Remo drumheads.