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John Owens

Lake Michigan College
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Dr. John Owens is a drummer, author, and educator with a single mission, which is to build skillful, confident, and strong drummers. He teaches percussion and musicology at Big Bend Community College (BBCC) and is director of BBCC’s Viking Independent Percussion. John worked as a drummer in the US Army Band, street drummer in Washington DC, drummer for Disneyland, percussionist at Knott’s Berry Farm, and played with a vast number of jazz, rock, pop, country, and punk bands in the United States and Europe. He has written books about unique forms of drumming, such as Street Drumming: The People History & Grooves and serves as a drum consultant for a number of schools, non-profit organizations, and ensembles. John is also the author of Tactical Drumming: Groove Survival Guide, which is a focused approach to learning drum grooves. John Owens earned his Ph.D. in Music from Kent State University.

John's work can be found at or his YouTube channel

John uses Innovative Percussion Hybrid (IP-HB) drumsticks.