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Kevin Hernandez

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Kevin Hernandez Independent- Live & Studio

Like many great musicians who grew up in Louisiana Kevin was heavily influenced by the rich musical culture. He realized a deep love for music at a very early age and was fortunate to play and study with some of the best, most notably New Orleans legend Johnny Vidacovich. Over the past twenty years of his professional career, he has performed and recorded many styles of music in various settings across the country and shared stages with several big name artists. He currently performs in venues throughout central and south Texas. He is an in demand session drummer and maintains an active teaching roster.

Kevin is the first call drummer for one of the largest churches in the United States, Community Bible Church, with a 15,000 member congregation. His drumming can be seen there every week both live and streaming online all over the world and out of all his drumming experiences he finds this the most fulfilling. Drawing from a wide range of experience, Kevin uses his passion for drumming to bring joy to and inspire others.

Recording Credits
• Glenn Doddson- “ Be Glorified”
• Laura Marie -“ Stars Apart” 2015
• David Chalk- “ Contemplative Worship Project Dvd” ( Nashville Songwriter and worship Leader) 2015
• Ruben V- “ Come To Me” ( Jim Gaines producer)
• Lewis and Clark “Disguised as Poetry “
• Far From Since When- “ To Feel”
• Fallon Franklin “ Giving Up The Ghost” 2016
• CBC music “ There is only you” 2016
• Smug Sessions

" I worked with Kevin on a project with Ruben V and was very impressed with his playing. He is a great musician and I enjoyed having him playing for me"
Jim Gaines (hit producer for Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Journey, Blues Traveler, Huey Lewis, and many others).
“ To try and describe Kevin’s drumming would be more like a novel than a paragraph. The phrase "in the pocket" is used to describe someone playing in such a way that the groove is solid and with great feel and never wavering. Kevin is a pair of carpenter pants with pockets to spare! I have had the pleasure of working with him over the last 13 years. After thousands of shows he just keeps getting better. Great groove, deep pocket, incredible father, friend and man"
Ruben V (TX Blues recording artist)
"Kevin is an amazing drummer. Ive seen him play in several different types of bands and he excels at each style. Kevin's drumming turns a straightforward blues-rock into a New Orleans vibe with a twist. He takes quirky acoustic songs played live in a coffee house setting and brings them to life with a cymbal, snare, and a box. He has lent a hand in my own band from time to time and lays down a heavy groove one minute and the next leaves space for the notes to ring out and textures of the music to shine. Live- or in the studio- Kevin is a joy to work with and his talent and skill builds confidence in other musicians to be at the top of their game. He brings the best out of us. He is a
professional. Quirky, Powerful, Heavy Groove, Delicate Thunder are some of the adjectives I would use to describe Kevin's drumming. He is truly one of a kind."
Chris Taylor ( song writer, recording artist)
" I love working with Kevin. He has a fantastic ear for finding the groove in a song. He is not just a drummer, he feels the song from a songwriter perspective and gets it. He is also extremely humble"
Laura Marie ( recording artist)
Kevin was a delight to work with in the studio. He quickly learned the arrangements and was able to draw on his wide experience as a drummer/percussionist to play the perfect groove. In a single day he finished drum tracks for about a dozen songs on our CD " Disguised As Poetry " having good energy and complete focus during the whole process. Although he was open to our suggestions, he really didn’t need much direction. It seemed like he just read our minds!"
Dana Clark
" Kevin's drumming brings out a flavor that is unique without overshadowing the song. Kevin plays to and for the song."
Dave Martin

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Innovative Percussion ( official endorser)

Shared Stages With
• Robert Cray
• Slalsh of Guns & Roses
• Edgar Winter
• Johnny Lang
• Head East
• Marshal Tucker Band
• Taylor Swift
• Del Castillo

Recorded and or performed with
• Ruben V
• Brian Pounds ( contestant on NBC’s The Voice)
• Monte Montgomery
• Rick Del Castillo
• Mark Del Castillo
• Bob Charles
• Sandy Gaines
• Two Tons Of Steel
• Rita Springer
• Lady Jane Grey
• Lewis and Clark
• Chris Taylor
• Ed Morales
• Rick Monroe
• Sandy Carroll
• Jim Gaines ( famed producer for Steve Miller, Huey Lewis, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn etc)
• Billy Foote ( Nashville songwriter and published artist)
• Chris Leblanc
• Allison Collins
• David Guion
• I35 Singers
• Glen Doddson
• Green House Worship Gathering
• River City Community Church
• Castle Hills First Baptist Church
• Community Bible Church
• Watermark Church
• Alamo City Christian Fellowship
• Mission Church

Artist Visibility History
• SXSW TV appearance (Austin, TX)
• ACL appearance ( Austin , TX)
• The Science Of Sound TV Broadcast with Far From Since When ( San Antonio, TX)
• Community Bible Church online streaming global weekly. ( 15,000 member church)
• The Viper Room (LA, Ca) with Rick Monroe
• Molly Malones (LA, Ca) with Rick Monroe
• Oysterbake festival ( San Antonio, TX -multiple years)
• Freeman coliseum ( large venue in San Antonio)
• SBC center ( large arena in San Antonio. Former home of SA Spurs )
• Music festival ( Kansas)
• Green House Worship Gathering ( large event )
• Multiple road dates with artist Steven Miller ( worship leader)
• Dates with Brian Pounds in Austin,TX (Contestant on The Voice)