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Kirjuan Freeman
Jordan Knight, and Independent Artist
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Arguably Kirjuan Freeman is unquestionably a musician and drummer that moves to the beat of a different drum. The creation of definitive fills and sweet, pocketed grooves with lasting and extremely dynamic tonal color are all apart of Kirjuan’s signature. Don’t be quick to box his style or genre of music, as he refuses to be known as a single-faceted drummer. Impossible to confine, Kirjuan pushes the drummer’s envelope with great relish, assuredness, and yet inviting sincerity...

Indigenous to Greenville, SC, Kirjuan’s musical relationship with the drums began at the age of 7. His educational resource of understanding the relationship between harmony and rhythm was anchored in the church; his very first gig. Kirjuan’s raw finesse took its shape from his strong influence of authentic Soul, R&B, and jazz music. Always looking for the revolutionary musical advance, Kirjuan studied music and took his rightful place in the Southside High School Marching Tigers band. There he began tapping into his strengths: remarkable dexterity, solid pockets, unreserved originality, and his endless, expressive abilities on the kit.

Kirjuan is both accessible and experimental as he dedicates his life as CEO & Founder and drummer for his band Elevation Theory. They are now the official band and currently touring for lead singer Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block. Elevation Theory has set themselves as being an indispensable resource for the music industry, exemplifying that musical greatness is possible and inevitable as chosen individuals who choose to be elevated rather than to be of the "Norm". Kirjuan attends Berklee College of Music were his major that he is studying is Performance Education. In asking Kirjuan what did he want to gain from his college experience he said I'm hoping that at Berklee my experience would be rich and filled with possibilities. I asked him "What would be some of your fundamental traits going into this Berklee experience? Simply he said: "Having a pioneering spirit and boundless thirst for knowledge; willingness to explore new musical horizons; openness to the creativity around him; passion and focus; respect for others; and a professional attitude toward his craft & work.