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Lenny Castro

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Born in New York City but of Puerto Rican descent, Lenny Castro listened not only to Latin music but a wide variety of music styles.  He really didn’t care what kind of music it was, as long as he got to play. He became a pro player early-on, making money doing various gigs around NY and upon graduating high school, Lenny worked at Frank Ippolitos Pro Drum shop.  Melissa Manchester who had a huge hit at the time called “Midnight Blue”, met Lenny there, providing him with his first big break.  After doing a few tours with Manchester and wanting to keep the gig, he followed Manchester to Los Angeles, leaving his home in New York.  Through Manchester and her producer, Lenny eventually met producer Richard Perry, who hired him to play for a Diana Ross session and it was on that session, that Lenny met Jeff Porcaro.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Jeff recommended Castro for the Boz Scaggs gig, who had just released an album called "Silk Degrees". Scaggs toured globally in support of that hit record, Lenny on percussion and Jeff on drums.  Boz’s band was basically comprised of the members of Toto which eventually kick-started Toto’s own mega success. This was also the beginning of Lenny Castro’s incredible session career and to this day, remains one of the most recorded percussionists in Pop history.  

Lenny Castro

As one of music’s first-call session artists, Lenny Castro knows exactly what to play, just at the right time and in the right place, regardless of music style.  He’s truly one of the best in the world at this.  Since 1975, Lenny has performed on many of music’s biggest hit records and with some of music’s most iconic artists.  A list too large to feature here, just some of the artists he worked with include Rolling Stones, Elton John, U2, Toto, Rickie Lee Jones, Eagles, Wayne Shorter, Adele, Fleetwood Mac, Kid Rock, Bette Midler, George Duke, Maroon 5, Rod Stewart, Joe Bonamassa, Al Jarred, Little Feat, the Mars Volta, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Joe Cocker, Justin Timberlake, Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  

Lenny Castro has worked on countless film soundtracks such as Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Hancock, The Fugitive, 9 to 5, Gorillas In The Mist and many commercial jingles for top companies such as Toyota and Burger King.  Lenny is currently working on his own project entitled Lenny Castro-“Hands of Silk and Stone” and recording and touring with Toto.  In 2018, Toto will proudly celebrate their 40th Anniversary as one of the most successful bands in US history.        


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