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Luigi Morleo

N. Piccinni Conservatory in Bari
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Luigi Morleo was born in Mesagne, Italy (BR) in 1970. Mr. Morleo is presently teaching Percussion at the N. Piccinni Conservatory in Bari, a position he has held since 1994, and since 2005 is teaching Arrangment of Music for film. In 1992 he won the “Valerio Bucci” 1st prize for Percussionists organized by the percussionists of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. From 1987 to 1991 he was percussionist with the Teatro Petruzzelli Orchestra in Bari and from 1992 to 1994 was percussionist and timpanist with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Provincial Administration in Bari, now is timpanist of the Bari Society of Concert Orchestra while has played in Europe, Japan and China. He is very active as a soloist and conductor at International Festivals in Italy and throughout the world. In 1998 he made his American debut, before for the Forum Composers at the New York University in Manhattan, after for PASIC 2001 (Percussive Arts Society International Convention) in Nashville, TN. Prizes for composition have included third prize at the Percussive Arts Society Composition Competition in 2001; second prize for the Il Timponi d”Oro in 2002; and first prize from Tactus Figit for Musica e Ironia again in 2002, has been invitated to Conservatoire National Superior Ginevra (CH), Conservatoire National Regional Lyon (F), New York University in New York (USA), Associazione Percussionisti Italiani in Bolzano (I), Giornate della Percussione in Fermo (I) , Orchestra Rai di Milano – dir.L.Berio, Time Zones with Steve Reich. In ensemble he played and conduct music of J.Cage, L.Berio, B.Maderna, G.Petrassi, E.Varese, I.Stravinsky, S.Reich and other composer. With the Myth Ensemble he created many multimedia extravaganzas including “The Voyages of Aeneas” in collaboration with New York University, the University of California/Ervine and the European Institute of Design of Rome. He appears in varied musical and artistic styles like rock-cross-over, folk-popular, Jazz and DJ; however actors, film directors, painters and architect: Radiodervish, Tarshito, Deposito dei Segni. His compositions include music for many films and CD Roms. Among them are the “Frammento Orfico” by A.Amoroso d’Aragona that received special recognition by the jury of the 26th Concours International de Musique Electroacoustique in 1999 at Bourges, France; “No Pasaran!” by F.Grimaldi and P.D’Orazio edited from Manifestolibri; the CD Rom: “Pixel di Puglia” by L.Galli edited from Softmedia with the collaboration from Regione Puglia (2002), "Paesaggio Mediterraneo" by A.Trono edited from “Araba Fenice” (2003), “Per Bari” by L.Galli edited from Proforma with the collaboration from Comune di Bari (2005). His compositions have been performed in Europe and America : PETRU’ for violin, doublebass, piano and orchestra played of the Maracaibo Symphonic Orchestra, NESSUN POPOLO OPPRESSO 2 (Concerto per percussione e orchestra) played of the Orchestra di Roma e del Lazio, OLTRE LA LINEA DI FUOCO 4 (Concerto per marimba e orchestra) played of the Lyon Symphonietta, MESSA PER I POPOLI for Choir, Four Percussionists and Orgel played of the Coro Vallisa and Florilegium Vocis, SUONI E RUMORI PER I POPOLI (Concerto per Percussione e Orchestra) played of the Orchestra Sinfonica della Provincia di Bari; published by Agenda Musical Editions (Italy), Alfonce Production (France), Honeyrock Publishing (USA), Henry Lemoine (France) and MorleoEditore (Italy). Mr. Morleo’s CD with the Warhol Percussion Quartet is now available. In 2006 the MorleoEditore was published his book of the title “IL GESTO MUSICALE – origini e culture-.