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Marco Raimondi

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Marco Raimondi is an Italian drummer who approached the instrument at the age of 12.

After studying with various teachers he met Enrico Lucchini with whom he had an intense collaboration. Participates in various clinics with: K. Clarke, J. DeJohnette, S. Gadd, P. Erskine, R. Gatto, E. Jones, V. Colaiuta, D. Weckl, T. De Piscopo, A. Marangolo, D. Chambers, T. Bozzio, W. Calloni, L. Melotti, D. Garibaldi, B. Stewart. He becomes a professional drummer in the 80s and plays with artists such as: E. deAngelis, A. Mingardi, P. Conte, G. Kusminak, Milva, S. Grossman, I. Grandi, F. Campi, M. Tamburini. 

At the same time he also works with other productions in the Italian music scene: E. Pitaro, I. Robbins, P. Guarnera, J. Villotti, T. Sheret, G. Cavalli, T. Ciavarella, L. Lipparini, M. Turone, Alma, G.P. Burza, A. Modoni, G. Baiocco, G.P. Martirani, R. Cavalli e i Soul Tribe, Motown Motion, il Palazzo sul Jumbo (tributo a Rino Gaetano), Tallking Loud (tributo agli Incognito), Danilo “The Soul” Pavarelli, Energy (tributo ai Toto) Studio 75, Blueprint, M.Brusha, C.Cortesi, “The Ray Charles Experience”, la Banda del Sabato Italiano, Mr.Groove, Ermy R&B Project, Bluestone, Chris Rundle Band, Bittersweet, G.A.M.E., Live Tropical Fish. Since 1985 he has taught in various music schools in Bologna adopting gradually an unprecedented teaching system.  After prolonged teaching experiences, he has found his own school in Bologna “The Groove Lab” where he transmits all his experience to the students.