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Michael Barsimanto

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Michael Barsimanto says his life's passion is playing drums.  He started very young, studying seriously by the time he was in Jr High School.  Playing professionally by the time he was in High School, and left College early to play with Freddie Hubbard.

At the early age of 7, Michael began playing the trumpet.  Attracted to the sound, power and melodic inducing properties coupled along with the influence of his uncle, Joe Valenti a jazz and classical trumpet player, Michael quickly applied himself to practice and lessons.....until one day he found a pair of drumsticks in Joe's music studio.  That was the turning point for him.  Enamored with all things rhythmic a new course was set and Michael was on his way to becoming a lifetime musician playing the drums.

"My Father Albert was working for Decca records at the time I was born.  He had an extensive record collection which became an invaluable source of musical history and inspiration to me. Everything from Bach, to the Rolling Stones, Sammy Davis Jr and Charlie Parker were at my finger tips and into my ears and soul "says Michael "and with a piano in the house I was busy trying to figuring it all out!”

Playing in school bands, garage bands, studying privately and learning to play Rock, Pop, R&B and Jazz, Michael was in his element and started playing gigs at an early age.  One day in Music Appreciation class he heard drummer extraordinaire Tony Williams' album "Emergency" which blew the doors open to the possibilities of drumming and improvisation.  This became his primary focus upon entering high school.  With so much dedication and talent, at the age of 17 he began playing with saxophone great, David Liebman.  This experience and mentorship resulted in Michael's first professional jazz recording debut with Dave and his quartet which included Mike Formenak on bass and Mark Isham on trumpet.  As a result, Michael has performed and toured in 30 different countries, over 250 different cities with such artists as Freddie Hubbard, Billy Preston, Andre Heller, Peter Wolff, Eddie Jobson, Keith Emerson, Gato Barbieri, Joe Henderson, Ivan Neville, Andy Summers, Duran Duran, Hugh Masakela, Mark Isham, David Liebman, as well as recording on various soundtracks for film with such composers, directors and actors such as John Cassaveties, George Lucas, Barry Mann, Mark Isham, Tamar Hoffs and Johnny Depp to name a few.  

Leading his own groups (Groove Congress, OneBigDrum) along with many ensembles of different configurations and producing music for several different artists, Michael stays engaged to his craft and his art. Always helping and encouraging students, teaching has always been a steady part of his mission share and improve upon the art of drumming to all those who love it as much as he does.  Michael Barsimanto is a true artist on the drums. He is in touch with the rhythms of life, music in the air, nature, and sounds. The rhythm & pulse of traffic, breathing, footsteps of folks walking past, the songs of birds in the air.  There is a constant rhythm, a complex, odd-time rhythm, going on around us all the time and Michael strives to maintain a link to the constant pulse of rhythm beating within all of our lives. His connection to this pulse flows throughout his playing with his pinpoint accurate time and fluid musicality. 


Michael has had the pleasure of working and recording with many great musicians, including:  
Freddie Hubbard Billy Preston Derrick Finch
Jean Luc Ponty Steve Vai Michael Zilber
David Liebman Eddie Jobson Johnny Depp
Hugh Masakela Imperial Crowns Josh Nelson project
Andy Summers Keith Emerson Keith Richards
Mark Isham Michael Wolff Mark O'Connor
Ivan Neville Jill Cohn Brian Auger
Roberta Donnay Riki Lee Jones Chuck E. Wiess

Here are a some of the many great albums that Michael has recorded:
• Eddie Jobson/Zinc – The Green Album
• Jean-Luc Ponty - Live at Chene Park
• Mark Isham - Miles Remembered
• Mark O'Connor – Heroes
• Jill Cohn – Beautiful
• Stuart Hamm - Radio Free Albemuth
• China Forbes - Love Handle
• Mark Isham - The Moderns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
• Group 87 - A Career In Dada Processing
• Brand X (3) - The X-files
• Brian Auger - Search Party
• Kellie Rucker & Soul Return - A Soul Returns in Blues

Freddie Hubbard (1980 USA)
Franz Morak (1981 Europe)
Andre Heller (1981 Europe)
Wolf & Wolf (1982 Europe opening for the Rolling Stones)
Invitro (1984 USA)
Steve Vai (1985 USA)
Billy Preston (1985-87 USA, Canada)
Mark Isham (1986 USA)
Andy Taylor (guitarist of Duran Duran) (1987 USA)
Ivan Neville & the Room (1988-95 USA, Canada)
Jean Luc Ponty (1990-92 USA, Canada, South America)
Andy Summers ( guitarist of the Police) (1991 Japan)
Koblenz Drum Festival (1993 Europe)
Wolff Mann (1996 Europe)
Jean Luc Ponty (1996 USA)
Leah Andreone (1997 Europe)
Andy Summers (1998 Europe, Canada)
Mark Isham (1998-2000 Silent Way Project - USA, Europe, Canada)
Imperial Crowns (2004-2008 Europe, USA)
Johnny Depp (2010 USA)
Roberta Donnay (2011-present USA)

Twice Upon A Time / George Lucas / Dawn Atkinson
Mikes Murder / James Bridges / John Barry
The Haircut / Tamar Hoffs / M Barsimanto
Lucas / David Seltzer / Dave Grusin
Made in Heaven / Alan Rodolph / Mark Isham
Pump Up the Volume / Allan Moyle / Ivan Neville
Misguided Angel / Stephan Jeager / M Barsimanto
Rum Diary / Johnny Depp / Bruce Anderson / SOUL7
Mortdecai / David Koepp / Johnny Depp / SOUL7

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