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Peter Vulperhorst

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Snare drum playing has always been the red line and fundamental activity of my career.
In 1993 I graduated Cum Laude ( UM) at the Utrecht Conservatory contemporary music multi-percussion set-up
In 1992 I graduated ( DM) Orchestral Percussion, Classical Snare drum & Marimba at the Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam.
As a fulltime Soloist and Studio Percussionist I also worked as Substitute with many orchestra’s, percussion ensembles, accompanied national and international artists.

Peter played as percussionist at Broadway musicals The Lion King, Tarzan, The Wizz, Copacabana and Sweet Charity.
Commissioned arranging, composing for several (marching) bands and percussion ensembles for national and international productions.

As a member of the SIRD, Society of International Rudimental Drummers we share worldwide techniques and historical information of Rudimental Snare drumming. Traditional snare drum styles & techniques is our heritage to continue on a high level. For me it is essential in Marching Bands .

Teaching students on a community level, International Masterclasses for semi-professionals and professionals has always been my life work, inspiration and motivation to continue as a musician. Highlights has been teaching at the National Conservatoire in Lisbon, The Royal College of Music London, Royal Northern College of Music Manchester UK and the Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam and in several colleges in Asia.

Peter is involved as Jury-Adjudicator at International percussion festivals and marching band competitions. Such as:
• WMC World Music Competition Kerkrade Holland
• DCE Europe
• Drum Corps Indonesia
• WAMSB Copenhagen
• Pas Italy International Competition
• TPAA Taiwan World Percussion Championships.

In 2015 I started a new DrumCorps in Holland called Traditional Collective Fife & Drum corps. A high quality rudimental Drumline, Fife and Drum Corps.

In 2022 Peter started as percussion teacher, arranger and composer at the World Champion and international famous Drum-& Showfanfare Marchingband Advendo Sneek, in the Netherlands

Peter is endorsed by:, British Drum Company, Büchler Trommelbau Switzerland, Innovative Percussion, & Loyal Drums USA