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Puerto Rican drummer Rey Monroig is one of the most in demand drummers in Miami. He began playing drums at the age of nine. Playing along to trash metal records was his first learning tool. Soon after that, he discovered jazz fusion artists such as Allan Holdsworth, Gary Husband, and the great Tony Williams. Rey began formal training with Professor Tony Sanchez at the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico. He also attended the "Berkley in Puerto Rico" program where he had the chance to study privately with John Ramsay, Ron Savage and Casey Scheurell.

In the Miami area, Monroig has built a strong recording career in local studios. Some of the places he has toured include Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, North and South America. He has gained experience in a wide variety of styles like pop, rock, gospel, Latin Jazz, swing, and more.

Rey has played live , toured and recorded with many local and international artists, Tito Puente (timbale legend), Jose Feliciano (Singer), Dave Valentin (flute), Roberto Perera, Nestor Torres, Cachao (bass legend), Alex Acuna, Papo Luca, Gloria Estefan, Christian Castro, Viva Nativa (Latin rock band), Patato Valdes, Giovanni Hidalgo, Willi Colon, Ralf Irizarri, Francisco Cespedes, Jerry Gonzalez, Talia Paulina Rubio and others. Rey Monroig teaches drums locally in the Miami area and does clinics around the world.