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Shahar Haziza

ISAIAH, The Big Vicious, Rami Kleinstein
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Shahar Haziza’s versatility spans many musical genres, from Jazz and Avant-Garde to Rock and Folk, making him one of the busiest studio drummers in Israel today.  At the age of 12, he received his first drum set and began taking lessons. Passionate about his developing talent, Shahar began studying at the “Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music” at the age of 16. In his third year of studies, Shahar won the”Jazz Player Of The Year” award and was sent to participate in the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) in New York City.

In 1995, Shahar completed a year of studies at “Berklee College of Music" in Boston, USA.  After completing his studies, he returned to Israel and began performing and recording with Israel’s leading jazz and rock musicians including Eli Degibri, Avishay Cohen, Yonatan Avishai  to name a few, with numerous appearances at the Red Sea Jazz Festival.

In 2000, Shahar joined the touring band of Eviatar Banai. His eponymous debut album was released in 1997 and the combination of traditionalist chamber pop sound with modern sounds, emotional lyrics and intricate melodies was received exceptionally well.  The reviews were uniformly positive, many songs became major radio hits and the album reached Platinum.  Shahar joined the popular rock band “Habiluim” in 2003 with whom he toured for two years within Israel, Russia and Hungary, including television and radio performances. In the same year Shahar arranged and recorded the song "Kacha Stam" by Sasha Argov for the album "Great Jewish Music: Sasha Argov", out on "Tzadik" Records (New York).

In 2004, Shahar began playing with one of Israel’s leading singer songwriters, Rami Kleinstein.  Rami's first solo album achieved gold status. His sixth album reached triple platinum status within ten days of release. He was voted "Singer of the Year" in 1995, after his "Apples and Dates" album reached triple platinum. This year Kleinstein also joined the Israeli version of “The Voice” as one of the mentors. Still currently the drummer for Rami’s band “Hamoatza”, Shahar has performed with them in Israel, Europe and the USA and recently released a live recorded album.

Two years later, Shahar recorded drums for Israeli singer-songwriter Keren Peles’ first album.  Her debut album achieved certified gold. Shahar subsequently became a member of Keren’s group, touring with them for two years.  In 2008, Shahar recorded with the band for their second album "Mabul".  During those years Shahar also toured and recorded with Roni Alter, Alon lotringer, Eyal Maoz (Tzadik), Alon Eder, Simon Starr (AUS) many more.

In the past 3 years Shahar has put his most interests in the band -The Secret Sea- which have recorded two albums and performed all over Israel.


Selected Discography


        •      Kol Dodi ensamble – Kol Dodi

        •      Roni Alter – Go Wild

        •      Isaiah – Isaiah

        •      The Secret Sea – The Sescret Sea

        •      Yotam Ofek – I Am Big Foot

        •      Amit Erez & The Secret Sea – Not About Us

        •      Ifat Goren - Yom Betzido Ha’aher shel Halaila                    

        •      Alon Lotringer - Beya’ar shel Torkiz Afor    

        •      Nissim Vehaniflaot - Nissim Vehaniflaot             

        •      Bentsi Gafni - Early Dream                        

        •      Rami Kleinstein - Live at Caeserea                  

        •      Alon Eder - Alon Eder                             

        •      Roni Alter - Neshima                              

        •      Oshik Levy - Kol Vahomer                      

        •      Rami Kleinstein - Live                                    

        •      Michal Haham - 1000 Words                         

        •      Rami Kleinstein - Shir Hasuf                           

        •      Keren Peles - Mabul                                  

        •      Ari Gorali - Mishkal Hadira                   

        •      Galia Yaron - Hadrey Hamtana                 

        •      Keren Peles - Im Ele Hahaim                    

        •      Yarona Kaspi - Tni Laneshika Liv’or           

        •      Didi Shahar - Didi Shahar                         

        •      Rikud Shel Mehasfim - Rikud Shel Mehasfhim       

        •      Great Jewish Music - Sasha Argov                       

        •      Various Artists - Lea Goldberg                      

        •      Judy Lewis - Prayer in Black & white

        •      Miki Shaviv - Olam Acher