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Veronica Cagigao Bautista

Tak-Nara Percussion Group
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Verónica Cagigao is one of the most representative figures of the marimba and percussion in Spain. Her next concert as a soloist with renowned marimba player Keiko Abe and the Orchestra Sinfonica de Tenerife in June 2016, is a fact that demonstrates the high artistic and musical level of this young percussionist. She currently combines his international performing career with teaching percussion at the Aragon Music Conservatory in Spain (Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Aragon).

Born in A Coruña, Spain, Verónica moved to Santa Cruz de Tenerife to finish her higher education studies in percussion with Juan Francisco Díaz Martín. In 2010 she graduated with Honours. She continued her studies in Belgium with a master’s programme in marimba with the internationally renowned soloist Ludwig Albert, finishing her first Master’s in marimba in 2012. In 2014, she completed her second Master’s in marimba and a Master’s in chamber music, obtaining a summa cum laude distinction in both with the congratulations of the Board of Examiners. She has received master classes from N. J. Zivkovic, V. Mendoza, N. Zeltman, E. Sejourne, N. Woud and J. Putsjens, among others. In 2016, she took a specialised course in marimba at the Toho School of Music in Tokyo with the world-class marimba player Keiko Abe.

Veronica has received awards in several international competitions: Giornatte de la Percussione (Italy, 2009), Marimba Universal Competition and Chamber Music (Belgium, 2011), Premios María Orán (Spain, 2013) and Premio Injuve de la Creación Joven (2011, Spain) with the Tak-Nara Percussion Group.

She has given solo performances over different cities in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Tokyo. During her career, she has collaborated with percussionist as N. Zivkovic, E. Sejourne, V. Mendoza, I. Lesnik, Daniella Ganeva, Paco Díaz, Tuopaliduo duo, Cesar Peris, Tchiki duo and Keiko Abe.

She was member of Spain’s National Youth Orchestra and currently collaborates with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra (OST).

Since 2008, she has been a founding member of the Tak-Nara Percussion Group and has performed with them in various countries, including Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Belgium and USA, participating in festivals such as the Ksilodrum Percussion Festival in Slovenia, the Perkutafest Festival, the International Percussion Festival in Valencia, the Contemporary Music Festival in Tenerife, PASIC 2013 in Indianapolis and IPEW 2014 in Croatia. Since 2010 she has been a sponsored artist for Adams Musical Instruments, and in 2011 she released her first alum named TAKNARA.

Veronica has given lectures and master classes in percussion and marimba for different percussion courses in various Spanish cities like Castellón, Valencia, Madrid, Tenerife, La Palma, and Galicia.

She has been a percussion teacher specialising in mallet instruments at the Aragón Music Conservatory (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón) in Spain since the year 2013.