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Vincent McCauley
Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps, Watchmen Indoor Percussion, Patriot HS
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Vincent David McCauley has been a percussionist since his high school days back in 2006. He participated as a trombone player in concert band, and even singing in choir. It was also in the summer of 2008 and 2009 that Vince participated as a marimba player with Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps, providing him with a hefty level of performance experience and the opportunity to develop as a musician.

In 2010, Vincent joined Pulse Percussion as a vibe player, where the group earned their first WGI World Championship for their program, "Worth the Wait". He remained with the group for 4 more seasons, eventually moving on to marimba, aging out in 2014 as the front ensemble captain with yet another WGI World Championship for their program, "That Which Confines Us" - establishing Vince as the only five year member able to claim being part of the ensembles which earned Pulse's two WGI championship titles.

In the drum corps realm, Vincent followed up his two seasons at Impulse with a season with The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps in 2011. He played marimba before moving on as vibe player in the 2012 Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps - which earned their 15th DCI World Championship, along with the Fred Sanford High Percussion Trophy, for their Dada-inspired program, "Cabaret Voltaire".

Instructing wise, Vince currently works at Patriot High School (2013 SCSBOA 2A Champions and 2A High Percussion), Ramona High School, and Whittier High School as a front ensemble instructor. He has worked with other groups such as Damien High School (2012 and 2013 WBA 1A Champions and 2013 WBA 1A High Percussion), Cypress High School, West Covina High School (2011 SCSBOA 2A Silver Medalist, 2010 and 2012 ADLA PSW Champion), Bonita High School, Cajon High School, Covina High School, and Northview High School. He also works as a front ensemble instructor for independent groups such as POW Percussion and Watchmen Indoor Percussion, along with Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps.