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Drumartica Performs at a High Level

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Drumartica’s Simon Klavžar and Jože Bogolin recently performed an unusual concert on the roof of a mountain hut (bed and breakfast). This is what Simon had to say about this amazing experience.

Mr. Franc Beguš, who works at the Kranjska Hut, altitude 1700 meters in the north of Slovenia, had a wonderful idea. Two years ago, he started inviting different artists to perform on Saturday afternoons at the cabin. The concerts were successful and were attended by a number of climbers and mountaineers that visit this beautiful part of Slovenia. Most of the climbers would come back from the surrounding walls by 3 p.m. and stay for a concert.  Kranjska Hut is the only cabin in Slovenia that has a helicopter landing area on top of the roof.  As the landing area is used infrequently, it has turned out to be a great place for concerts. Playing on top of the hut, surrounded by gorgeous mountains is a unique experience.  For me, also a mountaineer, it is a dream come true. We brought two marimbas on August 31st to the Valley of Jezersko and then by cargo funicular (cable railroad) to the hut. The program of the concert included the following pieces:

Nebojša Jovan Živkovic: Ultimatum II
Adi Morag: Octabones
Alejandro Vinao: Dance Groove Drifting from the Book of Grooves
Alexej Gerassimez: Echtonan
Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata K141 (arr. by Tchiki Duo)
Bela Bartok: 3rd Movement from the Dance Suite (arr. Drumartica)
Encore: Steve Reich: Clapping Music

The sound of the two marimbas was fabulous. One could hear the details but the sound was also big and resonant. If you hit a single chord, it will ring for a really long time. The natural acoustic was not perfect, but it was powerful and 'natural', which made it amazing. The mountaineering society from Kranj (that runs the hut) is planning to continue with the concerts and even renovate the roof, so that the audience will be able to sit near the musicians.  Slovenian people are intimately connected with their mountains. The highest mountain has been our main symbol for centuries and its shape is also included in our flag.  For sure, this concert was one fo the best and most exciting we have ever played. 

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